Are you not seeing the results you want because you stopped listening to yourself?| 3 min read


I asked myself the same question a couple of months ago, why did I stop doing what was working?


Me 2.0: Because you didn’t trust me

Me 1.0: I did but it didn’t work😡

Me 2.0: You was literally about to hit £20k in a month 😱

Me 1.0: If you say so 🤔

Me 2.0 See that, that right there, you don’t trust me🖕

Me 1.0: If that was really me 2.0 I would hear loving words, I bet this is ego talking 🤔

Me 2.0: Nope it’s still me, you just don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and condemnation😡

Me 1.0: Ouch

Me 2.0: And you are far too easy to offend 😝

Me 1.0: Ok, ok…

Me 2.0: Anyway, that other wound will be for another day, are you ready to get back to doing what I say, I am your highest wisdom after all?

Me 1.0: But I don’t want to start from scratch 😱

Me 2.0: No one said to start from scratch, look I can’t work with you like this, are you even ready? Are you ready for something better or do you like where you are too much? I think you prefer moaning instead of solving, you prefer surviving instead of thriving, you prefer playing small instead of showing just how much of a big hitter you are!

Me 1.0: Wow, I get it, I’m ready

Me 2.0 But are you committed?😡

Me 1.0: I said I am ready, so duh I am committed🖕

Me 2.0: I am committed means that you are willing to fail fast, you are ready to play big and you are ready to live in your truth tears and all!

Me 1.0: Yes but without the failure 😡

Me 2.0: Erm WTF 😡

Me 1.0: I am joking 😝

Me 2.0: Good you’ve got jokes, you’re going to need humour hahaha 😉

Me 1.0: Ha

Me 2.0: Look I am moving onto the next version of me, so take over 2.0 I will see you at 3.0 ❤️

Me 2.0: Are you ready to be unleashed?

We play to win and live in our truth

Here’s how it works

1. You read the information for Unleashed 👏

2. Click the going link and pay (price is increasing in 24 hours) ❤️

3. You show up and do the work at your 2.0 level so you can be your 3.0 version 👏

We are going to work through the judgement of people pleasing, getting through who you are, being enough and all those other blockers that keep you playing small!

Remember Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

P.S. If you’re tired of living with fear, doubt and anxiety and if you…

  • Are you not speaking your truth because you fear judgement?
  • Always looking outside of yourself for answers?
  • Are you constantly changing your mind?
  • Attracting things you don’t want?


Unleashed in 4 Weeks group coaching program is open!!!

What is Unleashed?

Well, it’s everything for connecting to your higher-self using tapping, crystals, meditation, reality transurfing and visualisation, so you don’t need to worry about not being in alignment with your highest self – VALUE £797

– In 4 short weeks you’ll start seeing quantum leaps so you can connect, trust your intuition and take aligned action so doubt, fear and anxiety become a thing of the past!
To help you go into 2019 like a true Goddess, Confident, Fearless & Free From Anxiety. It’s Time To Be Unleashed. Here are some of the bonuses!

Lifetime access to 4 custom-created emotional freedom transformations for each level of the Unleashed Program – VALUE £999

Lifetime access to Focus wheel training to help to power up your intentions – VALUE £399


Distant Crystal Reiki healing session to help to you balance your chakras – VALUE £299


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