Ditch Your 9-5 & Thrive Featuring Chantay (Interview)

How to ditch your 9-5

In case you didn’t know, I will say it again…I believe in being a contributor, not just a consumer that’s why I started Women who Collaborate



Listen to Chantay talk about the realities of having a business that thrives and not quite ditching your 9-5 straight off the bat

Why this one thing will save you hours of time and money (hint it is not as obvious as you think)

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3 Lessons The Movie 12 Angry Men Can Teach You About Energy Mastery


12 Angry Men is about 12 members of the jury who must deliberate, with a guilty verdict meaning death for the accused, an inner-city teen.

As these 12 Angry Men try to reach a unanimous decision while in a room, one juror rocks the boat by proposing that it is possible that the accused is actually not guilty.

The simplicity of this movie is addictive and it really allows you to concentrate on the essence of the story.

I remember watching 12 Angry Men for the first time years ago and was in awe of the thought process of the characters, it became my top 5 films of all time.

So I was glad to see Netflix had it in their watch list

So what are the 3 Lessons The Movie 12 Angry Men Can Teach You About Energy Mastery?

Lesson #1 It only takes more energy to hate then it does to love

It happens at work, in the supermarket, shoot even at home. Sometimes we see something is wrong in society and we say nothing, do nothing or perhaps we say something in our head.  There is a freedom that is innate as when we speak out, stand up and be counted and that is when we are our authentic self.

Recently on the way to an 8-mile hike in Otford with my other half, we met a man on a train who described the passenger across from him as a dickhead

Yes a dickhead



Because he took up space on the chair with his bag

Space where other people could be sitting

So he called him a dickhead

I explained to this man that calling this guy a dickhead isn’t the way to be

I said we are all connected and using that word disconnects us to each other

It’s about the energy

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.”

― Mark Twain

Lesson #2 When I am curious my energy stays high vibe

If you took the poll on sleep, you would already know that MRI scans show that we stop thinking when we listen to experts. Whether it is in a courtroom and a lawyer is winning us over with their words or whether it is a lecture on metaphysics we have to question EVERYTHING, curiosity is vital.

 Juror #8: Maybe. It’s also possible for a lawyer to be just plain stupid, isn’t it? I mean it’s possible.

The 12 Angry Men jury cross analysed everything when they were deliberating over the case.

How often do you give yourself time after the fact to analyse the evidence/information you have been given?

Lesson #3 – Prejudice always blocks the energy of truth

After telling that man on the train to choose his words wisely we had a deep conversation about his life, politics, bipolar and drugs

They say first impressions stick and people have already made up their mind about you in 3 seconds.

I think it is silly to make a judgment on someone after only 3 seconds, it goes beyond silly it is balderdash.

If I held onto my prejudices I would have missed out on the conversations.

One of the main prejudices of the jurors in 12 Angry men were where the accused was from.

Preconceived ideas of the boy’s character were already made due to where he resided.

Whether we have prejudices about someone’s culture, their parental household or the way they look, the truth is the truth and we should remind ourselves everyone deserves to be treated equally

12 angry men lessons

Bonus lessons

Lesson #4 – People make mistakes, they are only people. They could be wrong

Lesson #5 A good story doesn’t need to cost the earth, have special effects in order to be told well. 12 Angry men cost $340,000 and to date has accumulated to over $1,000,000

Lesson #6 The character of a man is proven by his actions not his words.  

Lesson #7 No matter what the circumstances you should always be energetically aligned to your highest self

Juror #11: I beg pardon…
Juror #10: “I beg pardon?” What are you so polite about?
Juror #11: For the same reason you are not: it’s the way I was brought up.

12 Angry Men is a classic, a must watch that I recommend!

Every day we are learning new lessons, sometimes we have to relearn lessons if we are not present and those can really block our energy,  I help business owners to eliminate blocks and any energetic resistance to success so they can be more effective, efficient, enthusiastic by having more energy and making more money

That’s what I coach you on in 90 Days To Energy Mastery because spiritually, mentally, physically you are a master of your energy or at least will be at the end of the 90 days you will be

Energy Mastery isn’t for everyone, it’s for a select few, for those high achievers that want to get off the busy bike and start to focus on what’s important to them.  Those that no longer want to live in a world that drains them but gives them an overflow of energy physically, mentally and spiritually. If that sounds like you then click here to get more information


Ruth ‘I love the classics’ Danquah

P.P.S. My doors to 90 Days To Energy Mastery has some amazing bonuses like a consultation from a nutritionist and 30 days worth of recipes to help you be more energised in your business. BUT…this bonus which will expire soon,  so that you can tap into your zone of effectiveness, efficiency and enthusiasm I encourage you to make a decision so you can make more money with more ease

There Is A Reason You’re Not Enjoying Life, Let’s Fix That

energy mastery

I remember when I went to watch Fiddler on the Roof at the Theatre

If you’ve ever watched the film

You would know that it has a really famous song

A song that Gwen Stefani remixed into Rich Girl

Yes the song Rich man

I used to sing this song to my kids to lighten the mood

It would work wonders, not because of the words but because of the energy behind it

So I sat in anticipation waiting to hear this song at the Theatre

But something wasn’t quite right when the character Tevye sang

It wasn’t delivered with the same enthusiasm

Or at least that was my perception

As a high achiever because I work so hard on making things almost “perfect” I put others on the same pedestal

Can you imagine the pressure I put myself and others under

That is why over the years I have learnt to be more aware

Aware that my work ethic isn’t like everyone else’s

Aware that my perceptions are just that, my perception

Because changing behaviour starts with awareness

There were many factors as to why I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I could of including:

comparing it with the production Dream Girls, I am sorry but nothing can top that (again that’s my perception).

The very fact I woke up at 4 am that day so kept on falling asleep when the cast was performing #sorry

I was recovering from some dynamic Yoga 2 days before

And then I had some mental shizzle the day before

My physical


And even spiritual energy all played a factor in being present

Have you ever had an experience which you should have enjoyed but your energy was off?

It happens to everyone

It becomes an issue when your circumstances stops you from being present

That is why I do this work

Because going to a musical or anything else you want to do should be met with enthusiasm

Life should be met with enthusiasm

But sometimes we get busy and operate from our lower self

Our lower self isn’t our true self

Our lower self is tired, irritable, detached from people

Our lower self focuses on all the things we haven’t processed


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Don’t let this ☝️be your normal 😐

A post shared by Ruth-Ellen | Energy Coach (@theruthellen) on

As opposed to when you start to step into your version highest version of yourself you step into your version of effectiveness, efficiency & enthusiasm (E3) & this is what happens…

✊ Your E3 self…

Doesn’t get stressed, anxious or enraged by circumstances out of your control, you are actually so aware that the energy has shifted that you shift right back to the vibrational set point that allows you to maintain your energy with ease

✊Your E3 self…

Doesn’t make decisions based on push, push, push which you regret later but instead your decisions are made from a place of ease and you make right decisions for you EVERYTIME! #wisdomthroughfaith

Your E3 self …

✊ Doesn’t need to do all the things, because your highest self trusts yourself so much that those doubt bunnies poof away because you are more than aware just how much of a powerful creator you are and where to focus your attention!

✊Your E3 self…

Takes a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because it feels like it because you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading dollars for hours.

So how do you step into that E3 version?

It starts with letting go

Letting go of who you think you should be

Letting go of where you think you should be

Letting of when you think you should have it

Knowing that disappointment comes from your expectations and reality not matching up

Knowing you are in the world but you are not of the world and stuff happens but worrying in praying more of the same please #dontdothat

It starts with knowing where you receive your dose of high and low positive energy and what high and low are messing with you on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels so you can tap into your superconscious

Because too often we walk around absorbing other people’s thoughts, beliefs, personas like we are vacuums

That’s what I coach you on in 90 Days To Energy Mastery because spiritually, mentally, physically you are a master of your energy or at least will be at the end of the 90 days you will be

Energy Mastery isn’t for everyone, it’s for a select few, for those high achievers that want to get off the busy bike and start to focus on what’s important to them.  Those that no longer want to live in a world that drains them but gives them an overflow of energy physically, mentally and spiritually. If that sounds like you then click here to jump on a call


Ruth ‘enjoys musicals’ Danquah

P.S. My doors to 90 Days To Energy Mastery has some amazing bonuses which will expire soon,  so that you can tap into your zone of effectiveness, efficiency and enthusiasm I encourage you to make a decision

The “Powerful Woman” Has Changed!

energy coach

Honestly, when I have had to think of what a powerful woman looked like for me for as long as I can remember I have always depicted the women kicking butt and fighting the bad guy.

But that must get tiring don’t you think?

Always fighting?

I mean Wonder Woman has an alter ego for reason, right?

Because even she knows she needs rest

She can’t keep on fighting

We can’t keep on fighting

You can’t keep on fighting

The moment I chose to invite my best self to the dinner party

The woman who didn’t fight but was in control of what she can control and didn’t worry about the rest

The woman who knew how to conversate with ease (and is not awkward no matter how many times her mind said she was)

The woman who believed in her values and wasn’t intimidated by people that seemed to have it all

The woman who instead was curious to learn about others and was done with the comparison

That woman did not fight or compete

That woman chose to just be

Why does everything have to be a fight anyway?

Truth be told

I haven’t been in fisticuffs since Primary school and back then I was referred to as Ryu from Street Fighter

So being a powerful woman to me

Isn’t about balancing plates

It isn’t a slim, six-pack model type woman that looks like a Victoria Secrets Model

Nor is it a woman who covers up murders for a living (yes I low key love the series How To Get Away With Murder)

It is the real woman

Not a woman depicted on a cinema screen

But a woman I see walking on the streets

A woman who sometimes has bad days but also good days and appreciates both knowing there is no victory nor failure in either just lessons

A woman who does the downward-facing dog in Yoga and get’s tired

A woman who runs 6km and doesn’t know if she feels compelled to do it again because frankly that Box vs Bass class was far more entertaining

A woman who gets nervous from time to time about the future and has to take walks in nature to ground herself so she feels connected to nature

A woman who has a picture of herself as a toddler in the mirror and tells that toddler

I love you to remind herself that she is loved

This woman is me

I like the idea of this woman


This woman is vulnerable

This woman is relatable

And this woman hasn’t got all her shit together

And that is what I love about her

Because it’s the messy shit that keeps this woman grounded in the truth that we are all human

Being this woman, accepting who I am and not what I think I should be has brought me so much freedom

Don’t you want that freedom

Well it starts with your energy

Because you can be doing all the things

But if your energy is not focused on being purposeful, love-driven instead of fear-driven you end up taking action from a low energetic, fearful and desperate place

I don’t want that for you…

Let me help you

The Energy Mastery Academy (EMA) doors are open click here to walk on in for £47 per month as a founding member (the crazy low price is doubling in 48 hours)

🙌 EMA is where you FINALLY take charge of your energy instead of it taking charge of you so that you can achieve your goals

🙌 EMA is where you stop reducing/contracting who you are and instead expand into the powerful being you are

🙌 It’s where you manifest your business & life desires unapologetically without the hustle but with more flow (let’s balance that feminine and masculine energy)

If you’re so over reading my posts, staying in the same place that you were last year this year, then this is the sign you’re looking for.

What is in EMA?

✊Weekly prompts to help you stay consistent with your goal to achieve your vision so that you stay true to who you are and take action accordingly, rather than just talk about it

✊ Monthly group coaching delivered by me, accredited trainer, coach, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Master Practitioner so that you make energetic shifts emotionally, spiritually and physically with ease #byebyresistance

✊ A safe place for you to fall down 7 times and get up 8 knowing that you are supported and you never have to apologise for being you.

🎯Fast Action takers bonus: 90 minutes 1:1 Energy Coaching Distance Reiki & Hypnotherapy session so that you FINALLY release the stubborn blocks in your unconscious mind and have a plan of action that you will follow through

You are powerful you just have to stop trying to fight and learn how to shift, I show you how in EMA



Join the Energy Mastery Academy here


Ruth-Ellen x

In order for you to channel your energy so you avoid burnout, you need to make YOU a priority. If you’re ready to go on an adventure to being more you without being drained then I would highly recommend The Energy Mastery Academy.  It’s not about managing your energy, it’s about mastering your energy so you can be, do and have more!

High Performers: It’s Time To Avoid Burnout!

high performer burnout avoidance

In this episode:

  1. Why you need to start making decluttering a part of your self-care routine

2. A simple but powerful framework you can use today to help you move from suffering to freedom when it comes to burnout

3. Why burnout is a form of lack and how you can make the shift energetically

Comment below and let me know what new commitments you will be making after listening to this episode. And remember to join me on my masterclass  3 Steps To Avoiding Burnout Without Adding Another Thing To Your To-Do List so you can grieve your old and accept your new normal of staying energetic.


Ruth-Ellen x


In order for you to channel your energy so you avoid burnout, you need to make YOU a priority. If you’re ready to go on an adventure to being more you without being drained then I would highly recommend The Energy Mastery Academy.  It’s not about managing your energy, it’s about mastering your energy so you can be, do and have more!

Be a Warrior Not A Worrier Even When It’s Mercury Retrograde

warrior not worrier

I was super nervous

I mean super anxious

When I get anxious I sometimes forget to breathe

And get very disorientated

My daughter told me to calm down

And to stop overthinking

So, of course, I over thought even more

I mean it’s like saying don’t think about the blue elephant

Immediately you think of the blue elephant right?

Yesterday I delivered a speech to my club

A club I had delivered hundreds of times over the last 7 years

I didn’t like the energy and with the Mercury Retrograde in full swing, I knew it wasn’t my energy

FYI: Just about all forms of communication—whether it be negotiating, buying, selling, speaking, listening and editing—may seem to face some roadblocks during retrograde.

So I practised some NLP techniques to help me take away the feeling of inadequacy, incompetence and insecurity.

I walked for 25 minutes to Greenwich, mindfully trying to let go of this fear of being seen because it was paralysing me

Because this speech was way out of my comfort zone, or at least that’s what I told myself

I am a grown-ass woman, about to do ‘silly voices’ I kept on repeating in my head

Oh the judgement that washed over me like a wave of sticky caramel sauce that just felt wrong

When I arrived at the club, one of the members came and spoke to me

He could clearly see my energy was off

He had to remind me of who I am

Remind me of what I did

And honestly, it went in one ear and out the other

Did I do the speech?


Because that energy, that negative noise was the E.G.O AKA Edging God Out – Wayne Dyer

So I let the noises continue

Breathed in an out and said thank you

I wasn’t going to abandon myself

So I took to the stage

And honestly, the rest is blank

I forgot about me because I surrendered

I had a message to deliver to someone in that audience

A message to live on purpose

A message to not compare

A message told through the old folk tale the Hare and the Tortoise

Feedback like wow, wow, wow I am inspired, thank you was received in abundance

The point of me telling you this story is because you have a message, many messages inside of you

And your messages  are just as important as everyone else’s

Your message will touch someone else’s life so you can break old mindsets from their present and future generations

Don’t keep your message a secret so that people leave this planet with wounds that you could have helped them to heal, no matter the season.

You’re limitless, that is why you are reading this, I see you!

Ruth ‘Warrior Not Worrier’ Danquah

P.S. Limitless growth requires limitless change. If you want to explore how I can help you to see that limitless growth then book your exploration call now ruth-ellen.com/call

You Have To Make YOU A Priority If YOU Want Your Dreams To Happen


Depression comes because we worry about the past, anxiety because we worry about the future. But the present, the present gives us peace.

A couple of years ago I watched the movie About Time with Rachel McAdams, I truly love this actress she is just so watchable, believable and warm.  The poignant quote I took from this movie is at the end was when the character says this [spoiler alert]…

We’re all travelling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.

We're all travelling through time together...relish this remarkable ride. Click To Tweet

This quote led me to ask myself the challenging question, the same question that I ask of you today:

Are we really doing our best?…

I am not talking about perfection because perfection is actually disguised as procrastination ..it stops you from starting, finishing and anything in between.

What I am talking about is a theory I have.

But bear with me as theory only becomes truth when tested in time, a theory that we all have areas of our lives we want to improve but sometimes we don’t because we don’t think we can control them so we opt out of trying.

So how do we do our best to relish this remarkable ride?

What will we need to do for this to happen? Perhaps trying the following

  1. Give up on needing to know the how of everything and have a more faith
  2. Make a choice to live in the presence
  3. Be grateful for all the things in your life
  4. Take time to visualise so you can connect to source energy – visualise this energy expanding out to the universe and start being more grateful and thankful that the source is on your side and wants you to succeed.
  5. Delete any beliefs/programmes  that aren’t serving and add new programmes

For those of you that think I am floating into hippy land, I want you to join me. First, let me focus down on my thinking.

Today I want to focus on hobbies because hobbies are just as important part of your life as anything else.

“Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.”

― Anonymous

Here is my testimony (so you know I am not just sprouting info from a textbook or hearsay):

I always wanted to be an actress but fear stopped me, so recently I watched Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher for the 6th time and it dawned on me, I can do that? Not be Christina Aguilera because that is delusional I can be Cher instead (I am joking).

I thought I could do burlesque classes.

So I did my research and then took the plunge and finished level 1, 2 & 3 at Burlesque Baby, it started off to want to increase my confidence but fundamentally I wanted to have fun, to change my frequency.

Don’t get me wrong I used to go gym 4 sometimes 5 times a week, but I could find the gym a little isolating sometimes.

I would talk to the personal trainers a few other people in the gym from time to time, but I craved something more liberating and a group of women with tassels on week 8 definitely gave me the liberation I craved.

Now burlesque classes may not be for you and that is ok.

But what is your thing?

Close your eyes for 20 seconds, picture what makes you smile and then tell me what makes you happy?

What makes you come alive, I ask you this for not a response of …oh no I haven’t got time to think of myself and my needs. Because you have a responsibility for your own happiness.

So what is it?

And How can you get to a level where you are in that energy more?

Below is my personal life list is broken down into categories with a 0-10 of how I perceive them at the moment in brackets I have written my rationale to my subjective scores.

Health – 7 (Gym 2 times a week, eating better, meditating & journalling daily)

Love – 9 (I have an amazing boyfriend, it helps that we share a common love language being quality time)

Sidenote: I first came across Gary Chapman about in 2015 when I was hearing a talk about relationships and his name was dropped into the conversation. Basically, Love Language is how you prefer to be emotionally communicated with, knowing this allows you to connect with loved ones more effectively for fulfilling relationships.

1.Words of Affirmation

2. Acts of Service

3. Receiving Gifts

4. Quality Time

5. Physical Touch

My love language is quality time and words of affirmations.  Not quite sure what your primary love language is? Then take the quick Love Languages test here, it’s worth it and takes less than 5 minutes!


Now back to the list…

Family 7 (My kids are great people, I have a little to do with that, my relationship with my folks and sister could be better)

Friends 6 (I have a handful of friends I don’t see enough )

Mission – 9  (volunteer work with Crisis  at Christmas, volunteering with Toastmasters and facilitating dyslexic success events)

Hobbies – 9 (Burlesque, public speaking, coding, watching movies)

Spirit – 8 (crystal healing, Yoga Nidra  to connect to  God & visualise my day ahead)

If you want to change your life you have to start doing what matters to you. I made a choice to receive love, peace joy and enlightenment, are you with me? Then play more, be more extraordinary with every word, every thought,

Create your own life list with your own score

You have to claim your abundance, take the first step today and apply to work with me
success coaching with ruth-ellen-ellen




P.S. There are a million and one things you could be doing, but only a few things you should be doing

Your dreams deserve to be realised

But you are avoiding doing the things that matter

And you can justify it all you want, but if you keep fighting for your excuses, you will win and your dreams will DIE.

Deep down you know if you keep on procrastinating you will NEVER experience any of your dreams!


Let me break down DREAMS  just in case you are one of the few that haven’t taken my magical morning routine course.

You Have To Make YOU A Priority If YOU Want Your Dreams To Happen

D.R.E.A.M.S. for me stands for knowing your DESTINATION how it’s going to make the world and you REMARKABLE while ELEVATING you and the people you want to serve and making sure you are cultivating the right ATTITUDE to trust the process and following a METHOD you are going to use while you keep on SWINGING to get there.

Ready to get ALL your D.R.E.A.M.S unapologetically?

Ready to hit your life goals with more ease, ENERGY and enthusiasm even when the world wants to distract you?

READY to experience RESULTS that matter to you?

You’re ready for that and more, right? Here’s your first step >>> ruth-ellen.com/call

P.P.S. When you book your call and share with me your D.R.E.A.M.S the most epic response I receive will get access to the MAGICAL MORNING ROUTINE (Worth £99)  for FREE, book it here>>> ruth-ellen.com/call

7 Things Burlesque Classes Taught Me About Confidence


Despite popular belief dyspraxia (which is one of many awesome abilities) and dance actually goes together, because through dance you can improve gross motor skills (large movements) which is one of the challenges with dyspraxia.

Gross motor skills are important and despite the stereotype that dyspraxics lack coordination I had plenty.

I already go gym three times a week but wanted something different as the gym can be quite isolating (especially as 6 am gym classes clash with my schedule for the school run prep).

In all honesty, I did have some wild preconceived expectations of the transformation that I would go through by the time I finished my Burlesque classes. I did level 1 into and level 2 because I wanted to gain the confidence that had been stripped away like paint stripper over the years because of my unknown dyspraxia and dyslexia.  Confidence that I was in awe of when I watched the movie Burlesque with Cher & Christina Aguilera (one of my guilty pleasure movies).  So I thought I would try out Burlesque and so far I have learnt so much (minus the video above lol).  I added burlesque to my life list of things to do and booked a course and pursued Burlesque wholeheartedly.   What follows are the 7 things burlesque classes taught me about confidence, that has helped with my dyspraxia.


  1. Sexy doesn’t belong to people that are given the label by the masses. The term sexy if for those who dare to wear the label without it being handed to them, it’s in your attitude and affects your altitude.
  2. Confidence is not something you have, it is something you generate. You make a decision to be confident and to quieten those niggling little voice that tells you to sit down and not to make a fool of yourself by just being.
  3. The more you come out of your comfort zone the more you start challenging yourself and that is where your real confidence lies.
  4. You need to find your theme music that plays while you walk, it’s ok to dance wherever you are and laugh at yourself.
  5. Showing up and being present is half of the battle when it comes to being confident.
  6. Laughing at yourself is real confidence. I now know nipple tassels are no big deal & so do 40 fellow ladies if anything it is liberating.
  7. The clothes don’t maketh the lady. The lady maketh the clothes. Whether you are wearing a burlesque outfit, a onesie or sweatpants it doesn’t matter. Point is, you wear the clothes, you wear it well 🙂


So there are the 7 Things Burlesque Classes Taught Me About dyspraxia and confidence. What is on your learning list to help with your challenges?

success coaching with ruth-ellen-ellen


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life coaching testimonial

Are you failing to achieve the goals you desire because you are so attached to the belief you need to work hard for it?

Constantly feeling sluggish one week and energised the next?

Jumping from one thing to the next hoping and praying that the thing you do will have all the answers, give you that breakthrough?

Getting anxious and doubting your ability to get to your desires from one day to the next?

Do you want a life where you wake out of bed energised and happy as a grinning Cheshire Cat because you’re living an aligned life?

Perhaps you want a life where you get to travel the world while experiencing a different culture with so much curiosity

Perhaps you want to fly a kite in Blackheath park for hours?

Maybe you want to rescue Cats or even heal people’s guts through hugs!

Whatever life YOU want

YOU deserve to have it


Yesterday I was at a conference filled with amazing women and was speaking to one woman in particular who stood out…

She was talented

She was smart

She was inspiring

But she was broke

Constantly going from project to project not knowing if she would generate enough income for her family

She believed £10,000 was her normal, not for the month, but for the year, for the last 10 years!

She believed her work was a labour of love so not receiving money for it was normal

I get it

I used to serve a community of over 800 people in 12 months but only generated £100 of sales because I believed in my “labour of love”

I love being able to do my charitable work, be a contributor, not just a consumer and for a long time I had the same mindset

And I used to be that woman who lived way beneath her means, that put herself last

The woman who said, it’s ok, things will eventually change

One day I will get paid for all of this

One day I will he will say I am good enough

One day people will see how brilliant I am at what I do

But you know, nothing changed until I decided to change

I decided to change my marriage

I decided to change my lifestyle

I decided to shift my mindset

I changed my energy

I decided what I had, wasn’t good enough because I was, am and will always be good enough!

I wanted to change more women’s lives so that they can be free in all aspects of their mind, body and soul and experience financial freedom

In order for me to help others, I knew I had to help myself first

I had to put the life jacket on first because I knew I couldn’t swim without it

I knew I deserved more than scraping by

I deserved to honour my life instead of waiting for my then husband or my then employer or someone else to see me

Because waiting to be recognised for my brilliance, beauty, talent and for others to honour me was no longer a game I wanted to play

I deserved to be wealthy

I deserved to live a life of abundance

I deserved to make an impact but also to make an INCOME

The lady I spoke to yesterday deserves this and more

And you know that you deserve this and more too don’t you?

So I will ask again..What life do YOU want?

Do you really want to be where you are 10 months from now, let alone 10 years because if you are not clear about the life you want

YOU could still be scraping by

Let’s face it, you are settling

And you already may know why

You are not taking consistent action towards your D.E.S.I.R.E’s

And that is why you are NOT going to get the life you want

I know it can sound scary to go for what YOU want

I mean what if you fail

What if you fall flat on your face

But what if…


Because when you keep on choosing you, YOU never fail!

It’s time to go for what you want!

What type of life do you want?

The easy work starts with shifting your energy so you choose YOU over and over again. Lucky for you energy work is my jam, which means choosing YOU becomes easy!

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The painful truth about missing your life goals is that it leaves you empty inside.

What is even more painful is that it leaves you in agony when you hit goals that don’t mean s*** to you.

Constantly MAKING yourself number 2, number 3 or even number 4 on your list will NOT get you where you want to be

Saying yes to social gatherings (that includes social media, yes even Facebook live’s and yes scrolling through your feed still counts) will NOT get you your life goals

Let’s face it your life is no longer about what you want BUT what you are missing out on

This year I desired to spend more time with my family, to build my family, experience more with my family.

Here’s what my life goals looked like for me in the last 5 months…

Getting a hole in one in Mini golf and annihilating my kids at a fun game (what can I say, I am competitive)

Winning speaking awards and beating 6ft tall men in the process (I told you I am competitive, 5ft, plus an intersectionist, so I have issues)

Countless trips to the cinema (did you see Endgame by the way…epic)

Enjoying cuisine from dining experiences with the people I love (I rarely rave about food, but when I find the right food I go all in)

Cycling on a tandem bike (this is a big deal for me as I have challenges with dyspraxia)

Going on holiday to Madrid and creating countless staycations

Learning Portuguese (after all I am getting married in Rio)

Rowing a boat (yes I now know how to row)

Learning how to Salsa dance

…All while creating passive Income creation (created 3 courses so far this year already)

And I am not done.

Because I know the agony, of missing out on my own life goals for far too long

The painful truth about missing life goals is that it stops you from showing up for you!

Because there is nothing worse than working your butt off for something you don’t want.

What you want are experiences that matter to YOU, because that is the whole point of YOUR life, doing what matters to YOU.

What you are missing out on is FULFILMENT, because that is what achieving YOUR life goals does

You will NEVER experience any of these things if you keep on apologising for going for what you DESIRE!

You will NEVER experience what you deserve, and I don’t just mean money if you keep on letting the fear of what you don’t want to overcome you.

When I speak about desire, let me be clear, DESIRE is that deep soul churning WANT and NEED that gets you bouncing out of bed that you unapologetically smile, laugh and giggle with no f***given

Let me break down DESIRE because I am very left brained when it comes to life goals!

You know that desire that you rarely vocalise to others because you think they will judge you, so instead, you judge yourself

D.E.S.I.R.E for me is going for what you DESERVE, knowing you are ENOUGH being STRATEGIC to get it while using INNOVATION so you can see RESULTS while having the right ENERGY before, during and after!

Ready to get what you D.E.S.I.R.E unapologetically?

Ready to hit your life goals with more ease, ENERGY and enthusiasm even when the world wants to distract you?

READY to experience RESULTS that matter to you?

You’re ready for that and more, right? Here’s your first step >>> ruth-ellen.com/call

Ruth-Ellen xx