I Am Not Good Enough


Good enough? You just don’t feel good enough?

Whenever I hear my clients tell me…

I can’t possibly charge that amount who will buy?
People will think of me as this type of person if I do this
No one’s bought my course that must mean it is shit?

It all translates to I am not good enough
My worth is based on my results
I do not feel worthy

One of my superpowers is cutting through bullshit so I have to challenge them on their thinking and one of the first questions (one of many) that I proceed to ask is…

According to who, who is telling you that you are not good enough?

They have no authority or proof and if you are feeding this lie then….

It is time to unpack the lie about “not being good enough”

Here is the thing about being good enough:

Feeling good enough about yourself…can be like the different states of water and ice.
It can change depending on your environment. More than likely your state of being changes depending on the energy you have around you. That feeling of not being good enough, that vibration could be someone else’s thoughts and feelings, their negative energy messing with yours.

This good enough thing is forever changing, so we must stay grounded and realise who we are and how much power we hold.

Still need some evidence on why being in the state of not good enough doesn’t serve you?

If you allow this negative “not good enough” energy to take over your body, it will change your state and present itself in different ways. You might experience:

? Heavy, dull pain in the body
? Negative thoughts about oneself
? Tearfulness, despondency
? Social anxiety
? Loss of life purpose, diminished interest in life
? Suicidal thoughts

The actions that these states may bring may result in:

? Withdrawal from relationships
? Abuse of alcohol or drugs
? Diminished emotional expression (resting face anyone)
? Continually verbalisation of negative thoughts
? Continous giving rather than being in the receiving mode, leading to burnout
? Tiredness
? Neglect of self-care/activities of daily living, such as showering, eating, and washing their clothes

Nothing about not feeling good enough brings any benefit to your life, it doesn’t serve you!

Accept that being “good enough” for who you are is enough. Because….

The whole good enough thing is overhyped.It’s something you choose at each moment, something you make a decision to work at and own minute by minute, a trust in the universe that you are meant to be here. Meant to be you and no one else. And that you are enough and have everything you need. Trust that the thing you desire, the thing that was put there in the first place by the universe will manifest.

5 Ways to Feel Good Enough (and one tip if that doesn’t work)

1. To feel good enough increase your vibration

So here is the science bit. The dopamine and serotonin released when feeling happy, grateful, proud, excited, or compassionate can shift your opinions as well as your spirit. You feel better physically which leads to feeling better about yourself.Do activities that help you stay in a high-frequency state it makes all the difference.

2. Live in alignment and feel good enough

When your gut doesn’t feel right listening to it will save you a whole lot of heartache. When you worry about what others think, you are judging yourself against their values. Instead, discover what is most important to YOU and have the courage to stay on that path. Be kind to yourself whenever you get distracted, congratulate yourself that you are aware of it and are moving forward. Then reset your goals to stay true to who you are when you are doing what makes you feel fulfilled.

3. Remind yourself that The Universe loves you

It’s time you accept the love whether you believe in God, The Universe or your higher self, the love remains, it is unconditional!!!
Call on The Universe – it ALWAYS has your back. Work that faith muscle it will only get stronger.

4. Feel good enough by reprograming your mind

I teach my clients how to declutter their mind 24 hours a day so that when they feel that not good enough thought creeping in they are armed and know exactly how to win, that’s the power of reprogramming your mind.

5. Ask yourself questions to seek the truth to feel good enough

Positive affirmations have their place and I am sure you have heard of them.
So I am going to throw something new into the mix. Interrogative self-talk will activate your brain and get you into problem-solving mode. Asking yourself specific questions will help you achieve that goal.

So those are the five ways that my clients work with me to help them live their version of bliss.

Are you at the end of your tether with stopping and starting, being high and low?

Want to knock that ‘good enough’ crap out of your system?

Want to see consistent results?

Then I offer you an invitation to hop on a call for a chemistry session.

Schedule your time right now and let’s see what we can do about that good enough crap with a chemistry call to see if we can work together. This is not about giving you more information, you haven’t got an information problem, logically you know you are enough.

But emotionally you don’t feel it, so book your transformation call and shift that right now ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Love & Light

Ruth-Ellen – Get More Confidence & Get More Sales Coach ✊

20 Quick Tips To Increase Abundance


1. Love Yourself – make a list of everything you love about yourself, I am perfect the way I am, I have been put on this earth to be exceptional, add the list to the gratitude journal

love yourself
2. Live in the moment and enjoy the journey, celebrate being alive
3. Create a mastermind group of 4-6 people who make you accountable and encourage you
4. Find a mentor and qualified life coach…think about what the characteristics of a person you look up to?
5. Grow – never stop learning, read, attend workshops, inspirational movies
6. Embrace your fear – the saboteur stops you from living your greatest life
7. Walk your own path – the only opinion that matters is my own
8. Create an action plan – choose a goal then work backwards on what you want to achieve, celebrate all your successes
9. Take action steps every day – daily, weekly, monthly – be flexible
10. Never give up, never, ever, ever give up

11. Be a leader and inspire others to live their greatest life
12. Take the leap, what are you waiting for – live your greatest life now. Create global transformation

13. Remember – Believe in yourself, if others have achieved it so can you, doubt brings negative energy and to get rid of this

Allow it – frequently ask for what you want and add it to your attraction board…it is a snapshot of your future

14. Become aware – So you take the opportunities
15. Dream big
16. Enjoy the journey
17. Make a difference to EVERYONE you meet …leave each person you meet a little better then when you first met them

Aim for harmony by:

18. Enjoying the moment
19. Lose interest in judging self, others and stop worry
20. Participate in frequent acts of smiling. This will help you see an increase in letting things happen

Stay Confident

Love & Light


Have You Set Boundaries? #moatandfence


Let me get straight to the point.

If you don’t set boundaries around your needs then you will feel very very frustrated. Because people will walk all over you, because you haven’t told them not to (even though those people should know). But this is on you, you have to own it and make the decision that you will not tolerate it anymore. Setting boundaries helps to draw the line in the sand to do this.

So here are some quick questions for you to answer
What won’t you tolerate?
What type of person do you work with?
What energy do you want to surround yourself with?
How do you want to make people feel?
Here’s my answers:
.. I won’t tolerate people with all the gear and no game, who don’t know the difference between aspiration and participation.

I choose to work with those that have clarity and congruency and understand that when I give my time I am worthy of being paid well in return for it. I do not and will not tolerate people that are rude and are not open to learning.

My fence and drawbridge to cross my moat will only be open to those that are positive and own their stuff (if you know what I mean ).

My intention is to leave people feeling uplifted and overly motivated after we meet and I expect the same in return.

Don’t get mad, get some boundaries

Stay Confident!!
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Overcoming Discouragement


Do you ever get up and do what you have to do, but often feel discouraged when you see there is little to no progress?

Well, I have done and sometimes still do!

>> I have often felt discouraged when I have got up at 6am to go to the gym for 6 months and see no progress in my weight loss.

>>I have often felt discouraged when I have been working on making a transformational business and see no progress in my financial situation (despite adding value to people’s lives >> I have often felt discouraged when I have put hours into changing my mindset, reconditioning my mind, changing my energy for someone with low energy to undo the work in minutes

This discouragement has led to my depression, a battle I fight and 7 times out of 10 times win!

So I want you to know, you need to not feel discouraged. You are paying your dues and the work you are doing will be paid back in full. So you never have to feel discouraged, I want you to do something, give a gift to yourself. I want you to reach out and to ask a friend to help to fortify you so you can feel more encouraged. Follow me if you want me to be that friend and I will encourage you! “The work is great and extensive, and we are separated on the wall far from one another.”Nehemiah 4:19

Here is a video to help you feel encouraged


#depression #confidence #god #discouragement #business #goals

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Stop Waiting


I used to wait until the perfect time to execute.

Doing something when my message, my product or my plan wasn’t ready used to make me cringe. 
The very thought of being that person who falls flat on their face and fails is far away from the person I wanted to be in my business.

So I didn’t bother to connect with others, because I thought I wasn’t enough

Because I figured that if they saw how imperfect I was, they wouldn’t choose me. 

>>>My mindset thought that my services wasn’t enough

So I would go to networking events and wait for people to choose me.
When I finally got someone booked in for a consultation because they did chose me (YAY), it didn’t go to plan (BOO).

Because something didn’t quite click to push them over that line to spend money on my services.

So then I would start again….

Then I would spend my time on Instagram, following people, waiting for someone to like my post, comment or follow me in the hope I there next logical step was to throw money at me.

I would then go on another free webinar and learn another strategy. Spend money on the latest tool to level up my business. But it none of it worked, my time was running out (the 9-5 was calling me).

Then something changed, I started to address the real need, my potential clients had a bigger issue, a far bigger, burning issue that they needed to resolve.

> They NEEDED to earn more money than they spent this month. Because they wanted to get out of the neighbourhood that frankly they didn’t choose and would never choose.
> They NEEDED to be able to spend time with their kids and switch off from work,they wanted to claim back their time
> They NEEDED to make $5k in their business this month, and every month, because they worked their arses off and that is the minimum they should be getting.
> or whatever it is that is they NEEDED, they needed it yesterday!

I stopped and realised, I am an expert. I didn’t spend years in business to generate millions in new business for that to no longer count. I didn’t learn about website conversion techniques for that to not count. 
Quit being the entrepreneur with all the knowledge but fears rejection so plays it safe. 

Quit playing small when you no and I know you are big.

Start selling you. Your service & expertise. Go and find clients by concentrating on tasks that get you your ideal client! Use your kick-ass experience to serve your clients, now, not tomorrow, right now!!!

Ruth-Ellen @confidentschool xxx

> Gain clarity so you feel more confident to put yourself and your business out there so you get the sales you need!
It’s time to THRIVE not SURVIVE