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Vague as f*** I know

So let me break it down.

Are you the kind of woman who’s ready to consistently earn £10k a month in their business?

Are you the kind of woman who’s ready to turn down £10k clients in your business if they don’t fit in with your value system?

Are you the kind of woman who is ready to say no to that hot looking guy that you are on a date with because you no longer put up with mediocre sex?

I know somewhere deep inside, the inner goddess in you is saying yes, yes, yes!

And that’s why you’re reading this.

But you may find yourself crawling back into your comfy comfort zone bubble

Straight after reading this

I know how you feel

Believe me

I have been there

But I didn’t stay there

Because in order to get ‘IT’ you have to believe you deserve ‘IT’! 

Not just believe it by reciting another affirmation and hope that your mind reprograms

But in your soul, mind, body, all of it has to get into alignment

Here is the deal…

Some people believe that they deserve what others give them

That’s it’s somehow offensive in some way to ask for more, from people, from life.

If you don’t know what you deserve, you’ll always settle for less.


Man and woman arguingWhen we don’t ask for what we want even when we do know what we want, it’s because we have built a story around shame.

And your probably thinking right now, nah you lost me.

So bare with me…

When you were told not to be greedy

Be grateful for what you’ve got

Don’t do this it makes you look ______

You should do that______

Over time, you started to believe it

Over time it kind of got into your heart

Over time you started to numb that part of you and no longer asked for what was yours

Then there was a point of time you left all the blessings that were yours on the table and walked away

When you BELIEVE you deserve to have your dreams, goals or intentions come to fruition, you become committed to making it happen!

If you don’t BELIEVE you deserve to fulfil your dreams then you will probably stop trying to make it happen!

You will miss out on opportunitiesgoddess unleashed
You will miss out on experiences

Experiences that bring YOU joy

But you know what else you will miss out in?Life

Because living a life that is not filled with your dreams coming true, isn’t your life!

A life that you didn’t design but someone else did, isn’t your life!

A life you are not happy to partake in, isn’t your life!

So here’s what I want you to do get back to the true essence, take  at least 1 of the following actions

  1. Check out Goddess Unleashed it’s my new group program
  2. Watch this replay for my 5 day Goddess Unleashed series so you can shift into the deserving Goddess mind so you no longer settle for less

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Check out Goddess Unleashed Here

Remember to Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

Ruth-Ellen x




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