High Performers: It’s Time To Avoid Burnout!| 1 min read

high performer burnout avoidance

In this episode:

  1. Why you need to start making decluttering a part of your self-care routine

2. A simple but powerful framework you can use today to help you move from suffering to freedom when it comes to burnout

3. Why burnout is a form of lack and how you can make the shift energetically

Comment below and let me know what new commitments you will be making after listening to this episode. And remember to join me on my masterclass  3 Steps To Avoiding Burnout Without Adding Another Thing To Your To-Do List so you can grieve your old and accept your new normal of staying energetic.


Ruth-Ellen x


In order for you to channel your energy so you avoid burnout, you need to make YOU a priority. If you’re ready to go on an adventure to being more you without being drained then I would highly recommend The Energy Mastery Academy.  It’s not about managing your energy, it’s about mastering your energy so you can be, do and have more!


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