STOP SCRAPING around for CLIENTS…| 2 min read


This is why you’re still SCRAPING around for CLIENTS…

You’re WORKING with anyone who’ll pay you.

But they don’t pay you, do they?

In fact, they are COSTING you more than you know. 

They are costing you FREEDOM when they are LATE with there payments

They are costing you PEACE of mind when they don’t do the work but expect the RESULTS [the fucking cheek]

They are costing you CONFIDENCE when they don’t get the results even though you know it works

You’re seeing your consistent 10k months turn into £3k and it feels like £100k work 😡

Because you’re in a panic mode you are over delivering and getting more FRUSTRATED

You initially SCRAPED around for clients with the intention of moving them to their next level, but instead of moving your clients to a higher level, you met them where they were.

BECAUSE of that now your INCOME level has FALLEN.

Because you’ve taken on clients BS money stories as your own.

You’re feeling RESENTFUL towards a business that you started because you wanted to make an IMPACT.


I get it, that was me too long ago…

And it will NOT change

Until you STOP settling for the SCRAPS.


In all areas of your emotional, spiritual & financial life…by allowing the WORLD to see the life-changing work you were BORN to do.

Owning the unique TALENTS and EXPERTISE that WILL transform the lives of your perfect, dreamy clients.

Marketing with SUPREME CONFIDENCE [and total INTEGRITY] because you KNOW that your coaching is the BEST solution for your perfect peeps.

COMMANDING the high-end fee [and getting paid ON THE SPOT] that reflects the value you offer

You’re ready for all of that, right?

Here’s your first step >>> Limitless 

Register for replay so you can call in your next paying client without the hustle!


Remember to Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

Ruth-Ellen x

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