If you want to really start getting in the game (taking inspired action) and stop with trying to gain more head knowledge (the gear) then I need you to listen very carefully

1. Don’t apologise for being you

I am not just a mom, I am an advocate of equality, truly believe that no man woman or child born with a learning disability should be born into poverty or social exclusion. However, these things happen and anyone stuck in victim mode needs to look again and realise just because people feed you shit about there own fears it doesn’t mean that you have to eat it. Stop eating shit. I also believe that you deserve more, but you have to not only go out and get it with every breath in your body but you have to consistently and intentionally go and get it. I am also a speaker, a divorcee, a mum who chooses to be single, a 7 figure business development manager, a WordPress developer, a certified trainer, a certified coach, founder of confident school, lingeriestar where truly believe every woman deserves to feel like a star, a burlesque dancer, improv artist, avid movie watcher, dancer, weirdo and there is even more to me that I find out about myself every day so I surprise myself and have always something new to share

2. Find your Malibu & Coke

M&C is my favorite drink (alcohol that is).

It’s my go to.

My friends know what to order me and if everything else is inconsistent, it is never my drink choice, my Malibu and Coke stays consistent. Remember what it that YOU stay consistent about. What you are known for in terms of your values, your truths, And perspectives change and your truth will change. However, your consistent core of who you are and what you stand for is consistent because you should know who you are and what type of legacy you are trying to create. Years ago I wrote my fucking eulogy and I consistently go back to it, what I want others to say about me, what impact I made and my husbands words about me. Come to think of it I don’t want him to remarry so he should die before me, no actually I should. Note to self: get a husband first and then decides who dies


3. Only Entertain Reynolds

You know the people that will up your game!

Reynolds notably championed the idea of a “Deadpool” standalone movie for over a decade before the first feature hit theaters. He first saw the comic strip in 2004, then the first draft of the script was penned five years later. It was finally greenlit years after that and hit theaters in 2016. Be around people that are growth engineers. People that are persistent f*** who don’t give up, who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. I no longer accept people that don’t do that for me. Why? Because life is win win, I shouldn’t be propping you up and dragging myself down, that shit is draining

4. Be clear on your goals & don’t let foolishness take you off track

My diction is an issue for some people. I can’t control whether somebody likes my tone, the way I pronounce things. it comes back to number one apologising for who you are. I was born with an umbilical cord around my neck which stopped me from being able to breathe. I didn’t realise the impact of that until I was in my 30’s but when I did I started public speaking lessons. I have been going to Toastmaster meetings for over 4 years, but here’s the thing the people that I have sold to, have understood me completely.

And I have sold millions, that’s what I have to focus on when someone tries to feed me their shit (back to point 1).

Because for a long time I didn’t go public because of the diction issue, the dyspraxia issue, but I am not a victim and my vision is bigger than my ego and people pleasing doesn’t serve me. So control what you can.
For example:
How many live streams you did you do today?
How many people did you ask to jump on a call?
And how many people you have conversations with?

This is not about whether they take your offer, you can’t control that, you can only control how you show up

5. Repeat what works and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t

My short sightedness my trait of being myopic is not a bad thing. Because looking too far ahead will get you unfocused.

We are constantly told we are stuck and we need to unblock things before we can move forward. If that is the case how come you can move things like a car that is broken down. Yes, it is a bit more effort but it is doable. Stuck doesn’t mean you can whistle while you work


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Ruth-Ellen is a Get More Sales Coach, mother of teenagers, personal performance trainer, speaker & advocate of equal rights for those on the autistic spectrum, dyslexia, and dyspraxia, website developer and unapologetically awesome!

Ruth-Ellen – You’ve Got The Gear (knowledge), Now Get In The Game (take inspired action)!

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