share your truth

Have you ever felt that sharing your truth was too uncomfortable?

So instead of speaking your truth 

Instead of sharing your brilliance

You kept quiet

You let your ego run the show

It hurts a lot of people when you don’t share your unique self

It hurts you and the world

I get sick when I don’t share my truth

Literally my energy points get’s blocked

From my throat chakra to my root

And I go into suffering mode

You know that mode where you’re ill

And you stop being grateful because you get a myopic mindset

And it spreads to other people

And when I become ill I become a consumer

A consumer of misery of people, things I don’t need and a mindset that becomes like a victim

And a healthy body is a contributor not just a consumer

So I stop contributing to the world 

When I don’t contribute I get coughs that turn into chest infections

Sharing you truth is an act of intimacy

Speaking your truth is an act of intimacy

Standing in your truth is an act of intimacy 

The number one signal of not sharing your truth is your current health!

Because intimacy is the container where my truth and your truth are both welcome

intimacy and truth

When you choose not to be intimate 

You are choosing fear

And when you choose to let fear you’re not choosing love and you become disconnected

Disconnected from others

And disconnected with ourselves 

And when we are disconnected we get ill, it’s the way the human soul was hard wired, we are made for connection

Recently I was on a mental health first aid course (because mental well being matters) and the mindset shift that I made after the course changed my life (again)

How… on this two day course we talked depression, stress, bipolar and more…we got intimate and certified so we can connect others to support them with their mental well being

And being neurodiverse and working in the neurodiversity community for over 7 years has meant that I have seen people’s mental well-being playing secondary to the needs of others.

This has cost them their mental well-being

And this Mental First Aid course solidified what I knew and continue to know… that the strategies to better manage and heal those illnesses are found in your daily practice




Many people have had great shifts in their lives because of having a spiritual practice, a routine, rituals

So a couple of years ago when I created my Ultimate Magical Morning Routine which is a spiritual morning routine course honouring all parts of you, I tucked it away and share it with a few

But I didn’t truly share it with the world

Because I thought surely everyone has this locked down

Who am I to think people need my input (oh hello ego lol)

Have you ever had thoughts like this?

I know that my ego comes up when I am in judgement mode, but after debating with my highest wisdom for a while I have added coaching & healing as an option to the course so that you expand beyond the 7 days and level up to your next level.

I am here to help you finally break those ancestral patterns, expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive abundance and be who you really are through alignment.

And my ego is coming along for the ride as my friend, no longer my enemy

Because I got intimate with my ego

Which helped me to go back into alignment

Do you need to be in alignment and get intimate with your ego?

Because alignment is all about raising your personal energetic frequency so you live moment to moment even more present so that you make an impact and change people’s lives you come into contact with.

Don’t you want that?

Click here to book a call to find out more about working together, let’s me help you get intimate with yourself and the world

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