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3 Step Process To Increasing Your Traffic Using Co-Schedule [CoSchedule Review]

We all want traffic. As you know, traffic comes at a cost.

And that cost is time, the time you use to distribute/curate that content, check analytics

So the question is how do you get more traffic without spending a lot of your precious time?

Well, I will share with you the 3 steps that have got my client over 8000 visitors a month after 1 month of launch using…

Yes! CoSchedule!

What Is Co-Schedule?


Plan – Journal – Vlog, blog, poll etc… recycle that content, as many times as you want per day about things that happen to you (yes every single day). Make an anecdote/life lesson and then make it into your content, use metaphors, smilies etc. This way it is, don’t think of it as work instead think of it as part of your daily life, with the added bonus of improving your mental health! Use coschedule to plan your marketing strategy in a nifty easy content calendar which allows you to set tasks to your team and yourself. Remember 1 minute of video content is worth 1.8 million  words so mix it u a little

How Does Co-Schedule Work?


CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar

How Do You Get The Most Out Of CoSchedule?

Focus – Decide now how much traffic you want and the timeframe to do this. Keep an eye on your goal and make sure you have an accountability partner for that goal. If your goal is to increase your email list, nurture your current list or to build a product to sell to that list then make sure you have someone to be accountable to. I know it is easier said than done, thank goodness for forums/ facebook groups who have all been there, remember your story may have different characters but we all have the same goal to be happy…so go find your tribe!

Be Loyal – I actually used to use Coschedule a few years back and I stopped (because I got shiny ball syndrome) believing another tool would allow me to do the same things and more. Newsflash it didn’t, it actually was all hype and no substance and frustrated more than helped me.

I lost productivity

I lost traffic

I lost the will to live (ok that’s a bit of exaggeration, but you don’t want to see the type of emails I sent to this other tools customer service team, the software wasn’t just lacking in functionality but it was also a total rip off)

Which brings me to goals…

  1. Choose a quant goal i.e. 5000 twitter followers by December 2019!
  2. Use different various pieces of content that speak to your audience at different stages of their journey (their buyer’s journey)  (avatar/persona) is gathering Goal
  3. Create & implement a social campaign based on a well thought out  content strategy for your offers.

Test, test, test – I know people say you should write, write, write but who are these people? We communicate in different ways so your social media campaigns should reflect all our human senses, use audio (podcasts), visuals (infographics/videos) etc.. Test whether webinars are the most effective way to retain and gain customers? Create simple registration landing pages and drive traffic – test conversion. I created one landing page that converted at 30%, I want to increase this number, so I will test, test, test!


You can actually refine your social strategy (for every profile) with actionable insight.

You can track your social performance across multiple profiles so you know what’s working (and what isn’t). Stop guessing at what will (or will not) resonate with your followers. Utilize your social network reports to identify top messages AND create content you know your audience will love again and again.

Pretty simple huh?

Luckily Coschedule has an abundance of tools you can use to monitor success so you can do your job more effectively.

Sometimes, these tools can sometimes get in the way of our mission by making things over complicated for you to reach these goals, Coschedule doesn’t do that give it a try for 14 days free right now. At the end of the day, as a coach, consultant or changemaker you came to change the world not get frustrated with tech.


P.S. Give Co-Schedule a try for 14 days free right now get your time back!

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