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In 1977 Zubin and Spring proposed a model that was based on the idea that people become ill when the stress that they encounter is more than they can cope with. This combined with existing mental health issues, genetics, coping style, thinking style, environment and social skills alsocontribute to their mental health.

Rejection sensitivity and the way you cope with this stress can play a huge factor in your mental health.

Over time you have probably masked in order to stay safe, but this is actually doing more harm then good. Join me as a I go through the masks and how to unmask safely.

This is why there are times when you can have the same experience with a sibling or colleague but find that they can cope with the situation more effectivly due to their levels of protective factors.

Scroll through the image below to find out about the protective and risk factors

What sign did you spot?

What protective factors do you need to do more more of?

What risk factors do you need to minimise or eliminate?

5 signs you're looking after your mental health
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