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5 Ways You Need To Know To Surge Your Compassion Like Magic

According to Greater Good, being compassionate will also make you more resilient to stress. It will help lower the stress hormones in your blood and saliva and bulk up your immune response.

Why do you need to surge your compassion? The original Latin word surgere, meaning “to spring up or rise,” serves as the basis for the word surge, which refers to a great sudden growth or swelling.

So there is no doubt as to why compassion is an important practice we must cultivate, one we can give power to and surge, but how do we do it?

  1. Surge Your Compassion by Helping Other People

When we feel anxious or depressed, we’re likely to sink into a deep funk. I remember when I was going through a great time of loss, losing my home, going through a divorce and I was in that funk.  So I started volunteering at Crisis for Christmas then I volunteered at my church as a bible study teacher, then I volunteered on the committee for my speaker’s club.

Because instead of being focused on my negative feelings, I instead focused on other people which then helped me to create a ripple effect to surge my compassion because I was also in a space where others practiced the same compassion.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at New York University backs up my experience and has found that when we see other people be kind to each other, we feel a sense of “elevation.”

In addition by turning our focus on others, and helping them with whatever they need, we will gain more perspective on our own problems — thus helping us to work through our feelings, rather than simply living with them.


2. Surge Your Compassion by Having A Morning Routine

It’s so easy to soak up all the negativity that’s going on around the world and in our lives. The most effective way to have compassion for others is to learn how to pause and be compassionate with ourselves. In the ultimate magical morning routine, I created 7 rituals that help you to get back to you with a way to find your definite purpose.  Having a routine that helps to improve your kindness to self and creates a surge in your self-compassion that is unparalleled because compassion is infectious, and can improve the mental health of all those around you.  Those who feel your compassion will then become more optimistic and compassionate themselves.


3. Surge Your Compassion by Forgiving Others

Yes! Forgive, don’t forget. Because if we continue to drink the poison of unforgiveness we will kill parts of ourselves that were never meant to die.  In limitless I talk about this more

By practising compassion, our minds will focus less on all the things that have gone wrong in the past, according to Greater Good.

People who feel compassion for just one person feel generally less vindictive toward others, and are also more emotionally stable.

4. Surge Your Compassion by Accepting Yourself

When we feel a sense of not belonging or that people are different from us this causes separateness and sometimes we can travel down the world of dehumanisation.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers


5. Surge Your Compassion by Challenging Yourself

Everybody loves a good challenge, after, all that is where the magic happens. Challenge yourself to get around more people that inspire you by their actions to be compassionate.  So how are you going to challenge yourself to surge your compassion today?


In order for you to manifest more magic in your life, you need to be cultivating and surging your compassion in the morning. If you’re ready to go on a spiritual adventure and quest then I would highly recommend my Ultimate Magical Morning Routine.

This will help to get more self-compassion, find greater purpose as well as compassion for others and heighten your intuition so you can be a deliberate creator.

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