7 Figure Blocks – How To Overcome The Boredom of Consistency

Often we go so far ahead of our plan of action then we completely miss the goal we were supposed to be aiming for. ?

Sometimes we are two steps away to making bank AKA cash but we give up because we become disheartened. ?

There is no difference in making five figures, six figures or seven, you just have to follow the same process that made you successful. And that is where we ALL can hit a snag,

Because consistency is being marketed to you as something boring, rigid.  But it doesn’t have to be…

You’re the creator. You can choose to make the art of relationship building AKA serving as fun or boring as you want.

Whenever one of my teenagers come up to me and say I am bored. I ask are you bored or boring? This really challenges their thinking (as a parent I believe this is my jobs). Because this world is full of creative abundance, a never-ending stream of things to do and ways to do it.

So how can you ever be bored? How can you be bored you get to consistently create?

So let’s get back in and focus on the question at hand…is your big goal stopping the milestone?  If you think as money as a tool which helps you to serve more people at a consistent level then the answer is no.

However, if there is a block in the flow of this happening for you then try this…

 Self Interrogative questioning:
Questions like…
Will I get an abundance of clients?
Will I hit 7 figures?

This interrogative questioning will make your mind look for the answers so you are more action orientated.Also, here are some other questions that may help:

? How many clients do I need to serve in order to hit MY weekly, monthly target?
?  Which key activities bring ME a return on MY time?
There are loads of ways to overcome the block that is stopping the flow of money. I hope those tiny little snippets helped. Make bank by concentrating on cash creation ideas and take action. You know where we are if you need us ?  (We have a FREE 1k challenge coming up if you do btw) ?

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