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OK, so you’re here because you want to raise your vibration so let’s get to and get you high vibing all over the place with these 7 ways!

1. Raise Your Vibration With Music

Ever heard Vance Joy’S album, God loves it when you’re dancing?… Well, it’s true your quickest path to joy (which is the vibrational set point of 540+) is dance. Sidenote: Vance Joy is amazing.

There is something about your energy when you let your cares go.

Just listening to music can help you to feel renewed, focused, and transport your worries away.

Combine listening to music with dance and you’ve hit the jackpot.

And if this week on Ruth-Ellen’s playlist doesn’t get you dancing then I am not sure what will lol.

2. Raise Your Vibration by Using Crystals

Each crystal has it’s own vibration, so they have different healing effects.
I wanted to break down crystals by colours because I love crystals and use them in my spiritual practice.
So I want you to make sure that everyone takes the opportunities to try crystals with ease.

1. Red crystals raise your vibration with crystals

These are best used for short periods because they stimulate and strengthen they may overexcite or over energise our emotions.
The end goal of crystals is to use them to balance our energy so be mindful how long you use them for.
Life-enhancing Red Garnet creates positive change and brings a surge of energy into your life.
Wearing these healing stones boosts your vitality and is believed to make you more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex.
Placing a small garnet crystal in your coin purse or wallet is said to attract prosperity and abundance.
Putting a large piece of garnet, or a pile of garnet stones, at the head of your bed is said to ease depression.

2. Pink crystals

Pink crystals are perfect for long-term use.

I have a rose quartz crystal and the great thing about pink crystals are the unconditional love nurture and comfort that vibrates through them.

They release grief, calm emotions and help with acceptance.

3. Orange crystals

If you’re after that abundance and creativity energy then orange crystals will activate and releases that.

A stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.

While crystals like Citrine are most well known are its value for aiding manifestation of prosperity, particularly if you combine it with the power of affirmations.

4.Yellow crystals

Awaken and organise the mind and energise those situations that may be flat lining. Those yellow and golden crystals can rebalance emotions and help to overcome seasonal disorders. When I make crystal grids I use a  piece of Pyrite.

If you’re looking for manifesting, prosperity & abundance of all kinds, not just money, you want to work with pyrite.

Pyrite in the home or workplace energizes the area around it and imparts an immediate increase in vitality.

It overcomes intellectual fatigue due to overwork and tiredness of the nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity, focus and recall.

5.Green crystals

Who doesn’t want to be calm and have balance?

Exactly, if you want environmental healing or want to heal your heart then think green!

Green crystals restore your depleted energy, and helps you to feel vibrant, peaceful, full of health, and tap into your wisdom.

They are also traditionally used to attract wealth, prosperity and money, which is why green jade is highly valued as a sacred stone in Asia.

6. Blue crystal

Want some clarification, to enhance your communication and have greater self-expression?

Then blue crystals for communication are important for soothing the anxiety that builds before a confrontation.

Working with honesty crystals can reframe your perception away from finger pointing so that you can express yourself in a calm, concise and compassionate way.

The Lapis Lazuli crystal has been know to help others to speak their truth.

It’s the only blue crystal I have and I am learning to direct my energy so I can speak my truth consistently, here is a truth ritual from energy muse.

7. Purple Crystal

Spiritual awakening anyone? Purple crystals are known for integrating and aligning higher energies, helping you to stimulate your passion to serve others.

Lilac Lepidolite is one of the most beneficial crystals for peace, calming, trust and acceptance.

When times are tough, holding lepidolite restores hope for the future and reinforces self-love, optimism and faith within yourself.

3. Raise Your Vibration With Intention

Yes, there has to be faith and action behind all of your intentions. Where there is no vision there can be no provision.
Vision isn’t just about just affirming it, it’s about getting your mind, body, spirit, gut and anything else all on the same train to the same destination.
There is nothing worse than hopping to a destination and then realising that you’ve left some essential things at home.
That’s why I know without a shadow of a doubt The Ultimate Magical Morning Routine was created.
I knew to share my intentional rituals based on time developing my own spiritual practice would be helpful for others.
4. Raise Your Vibration With Food
When my gut feels healthy I feel fantastic, I want to interact with people authentically and have the energy to just be so chilled.
On the other end of the spectrum if my gut is imbalanced and doesn’t feel healthy I will want to fly kick their head off.
Now they may sound so extreme but it’s the difference between a healthy gut and a one out of sync.
As you know I am practical when it comes to these practices so here are three things you can do today to start to heal your gut:
  • In the morning drink your usual herbal tea and add a dash of lemon this helps to flush out toxins.
  • Keep a food diary to monitor spikes and anything else that may be messing your insides about.
  • Use oil pulling as part of the anti-candida lifestyle.

5. Raise Your Vibration By Breathing Life Into Your Reality

People can try there best to bury us alive but they only win if we decide to lay down and let them throw dirt on us and die when we should be living!
When you are around people who raise your energy they speak life into your future.
When you start to rewrite those stories that don’t serve you.
When you stand up for your highest wisdom.
When you no longer live apologising for existing.

That is when you breathe life into your reality because that is when you revive those dreams that you thought was dead, that is when you learn to set clear boundaries so others that don’t have the right to enter your circle.

Did you say ‘right’ Ruth-Ellen?
Before you make up your mind that you believe that everyone has the right, let me ask you this
Would you rather have a door that has no lock so that everybody can enter your house or would you rather have a lock on your door so you control who enters your house?
Houses are made with locks for a reason!
If you fail to have boundaries for your own mind, don’t get mad if you get robbed of your peace, power & anything else you so freely give away because you are not prepared to protect it.
The solar plexus CHAKRA represents our ability to be confident and in control of our lives.
It is our energetic centre of self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, personal power and authentic control.
When that is unbalanced you may feel that everybody should have access to you, nope not today, not tomorrow and not on my watch!

6. Raise Your Vibration By Watching Comedy

Yes, there is nothing better than that thing that speaks to my subconscious more than comedy, it works on a level of raising my emotions and bypasses that subconscious like water.

Unlike the genre drama where at the end you can feel sorrow, comedy just leaves me feeling good #joygoals.

With comedy, the aspiration is that you have no expectations and they often have many pattern interrupts so you are pleasantly surprised, you laugh and let go!

My go-to movie for raising my vibration is Just Go With It with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston.

What makes you chuckle?

7. Raise Your Vibration With Essential Oils

Oh my oh my oh my, I adore essential oils and I have to confess one of my favourite ways to heal my energy is through the use of essential oils using my diffuser.

I always make my essentials oil choices through testing of my chakras this way I am healing my energy based on what I am experiencing in my life so I am healed from the inside out. For example, you can balance your solar plexus using the essential oils I mention in my how to balance your solar plexus.


Now there are many other ways to raise your vibration, I have shared 7 because 7 is my favourite numbers.

Your spiritual journey is about whether life is better with it or without these tools and you can only know that by committing yourself to the practice and then asking that question.

Meditation, Reiki, EFT and other modalities isn’t a one size fits all type of thing, it could be down to the way it is taught or that you are not in the space to connect with that modality.

Final note: There is no point raising your vibration for it to be drained by people who you allow to take it away.raise your vibration

Remember Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

Ruth-Ellen xx


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