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    9 Spiritual Principles For Abundance #spiritualthursday


    spiritual thursday

    I always see being spiritual as someone who believes in God, Source or the Universe …believes in something that is higher than themselves is in charge.

    There are spiritual practices to getting everything you want. Let’s get to it…

    1. Becoming Aware of Your Highest Self

    This awareness helps you to view yourself as more than merely a physical creation, which leads

    2. Trusting Yourself Is Trusting the Wisdom That Created You

    This principle establishes you as one and the same with the universal God force, which leads to…

    3. You Are Not an Organism in an Environment: You Are an Environorganism

    Say what? This principle establishes that there is no separation between you and anything else outside you in the material world, which leads to…

    4.  You Can Attract to Yourself What You Desire

    This principle establishes your power to attract that which you are already connected to, which leads to…

    5. Honouring Your Worthiness to Receive

    If you haven’t read good enough post go do it after this!  This principle affirms that you are worthy of all that is attracted to your life, which leads to…

    6. Connecting to the Divine Source with Unconditional Love
    This principle creates an awareness of the significance of accepting your manifestations with absolute love, which leads to…

    7. Meditating to the Sound of Creation

    This principle gives you the tools for vibrating yourself to the very sounds that are in the world of
    creation. These are the tools for attracting and manifesting, which lead to…

    8. Patiently Detach from the Outcome

    As Elsa from Frozen would say “let it go”… This principle emphasises the need for removing demands and becoming infinitely patient

    Here is the song with lyrics…sing along now!!

    …which leads to

    9.  Reacting to Your Manifestations with Gratitude and Generosity

    The attitude for gratitude is real in this one! This principle teaches the value of taming the ego and being thankful and in service to others with your manifestations.

    Want to learn more get Wayne Dyer’s book which goes deeper into the content. It is a great read! 

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