Because when you are attached to the outcome you start to ‘predict’ how things should go as if this world is linear

This linear thinking blocks you from taking aligned action and as a result, you stifle your creativity

The attachment to the outcome is part of your rationale tendency and unintentionally moves you further away from achieving your goals.

When you’re attached to an outcome, you actually block your ability to achieve your goals, feel supported and co-create with the Universe.

So what do you do instead?


Detachment reduces

✅ Stress

✅ Anger

✅ Anxiety

Detachment is based on faith and assurance that what you have is already yours

It takes trust as well as a balance of emotions.

Detaching can be a tricky thing to navigate if you’re high achieving because high achievers self-acceptance is continuously conditioned onto the next success

This is how I detach

1: Recognise that there is an attachment in the first place and implement dialectal behaviour therapy tools to reframe

2. Use recovery to let it go with prayer, breathwork, hypnosis or EFT

3.Remember that Universe/God is my source not people and I am fully supported and my happiness is not dependent on that thing

It’s tricky but not impossible, that is why I created Unapologetically Visible that helps you to reprogram the attachments that have you predicting instead of enjoying the process so you can pioneer ahead

Unapologetically Visible works for a specific womxn

👉This is for womxn who know being authentically visible & paid their #1 challenge

👉 These womxn are amazing, intelligent and gifted at what they do, but you are also the worlds best kept secret and are ready to change that with ease through being visible AF (And Fun) and they’re tired of trying to find the missing puzzle pieces

👉 These women are spiritual (not religious) high achievers and want a strategy that aligns with them so they can be visible consistently with ease

Sound like you?

Click below 👇 to claim your complimentary strategy call and to see if one of my programs is for you

  • Spend less than 60 minutes with me where I will help you to brainstorm so you create a 90-day visibility plan that actually leads to sales 
  • Discover what is really at the root of you not achieving your income goals
  • If there is synergy I will invite you to work with me to get you visible & paid AF based on where you’re are at and if not you would have walked away with a value-driven session worth over £500

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