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i believe labels are for jars & not for people

And YOU can Rewire & Rewrite Your reality 

Hi I'm Ruth-Ellen

For years, I battled Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD). Criticism became daggers, hindering my financial prospects and career growth. But I sought healing through DBT, inner work, and meditation. I learned to regulate emotions, challenge negative thoughts, and embrace vulnerability. As my emotional stability grew, so did my income opportunities. Relationships flourished, and my influence expanded. Today, I stand as a testament to resilience and growth, no longer confined by RSD's grip.

Through my  journey, I unearthed a profound truth: the currency of other people's judgment holds no sway over the essence of our lives. No amount of external validation can release the tight grip of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It is in embracing our true selves, untethered by the opinions of others, that we find the liberation to forge our own path and create a lifestyle that resonates with our deepest desires.

My Experience & Education 

Below is a quick glance at my background

Certified Life Coach
Certified Business Coach
Accredited Teacher in Life Long Learning 
Mental health first aider
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Public Speaker 
Disability workplace assessor
Amazon Author
Certified Law Of Attraction Coach
Accredited Meditation Teacher
Diploma in Dialectal Behaviour Therapy 
Usui Reiki Teacher
Yoga Nidra Teacher
Emotional Freedom Practitioner 
Tarot & Oracle Reader
Past Life Regression Therapist
Advanced Accredited Angelic Healer
Journal Therapist 

Additional insights come from coaching & training over 1000 individuals who are ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxic and autistic. As well as my lived experience of ADHD, dyspraxia autism, dyslexia from my neurodivergent perspective and my sons plus working as BDA Culture Perspective Committee member. 

" Actually can’t believe it’s all real, I’ve never felt so accepted and supported ever. Really cannot express what all the support and guidance you’ve given me means to me!"


1:1 Client


Based on my many years of lived experience, coaching & training other individuals who have struggled with RSD, I took my learnings and created resources, broken down into 3M's


Take my rejection sensitivity dysphoria test  or swipe my plethora of content where I share strategies to overcome RSD and strengthen executive function skills for FREE!


A transformative self-study journey to overcome rejection sensitivity dysphoria. This journal is your empowering companion, packed with bonus content to support your healing process.


Take consistent action to understand your unique triggers, cultivate resilience, and enhance your emotional regulation skills, with my Overcoming Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria Blueprint™

My advice & insights have been featured in the following spaces


Struggle with RSD?

For those individuals that want to focus on a specific clear outcome that may include interventions like training

Weak Executive Function skills?

For individuals who are ready to respond to life's challenges in a positive way and uplevel their executive function skills I created Execution Function Skills, Power Up!

Need Training For Your Team?

There is no transformation from information without implementation, the best way for people to be equipped is to learn by doing, 

Hi again, it's Ruth-Ellen, your RSD & executive function trainer, coach & consultant. I was identified with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism & ADHD in my 30's and currently deliver training, coaching and  consulting to organisations.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Me

Michael D

Artistic Entrepreneur with ADHD

"My overwhelm left me burnt out, stressed and I had no energy to let alone motivation to expand my business. I left my first session with a plan of action that was easy which  left me reiginited, it's the most productive meeting I've had in 2 years"

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman Projects

"I have worked with Ruth-Ellen as a volunteer since 2012. When we first met I was impressed by the way she gathered 80 people for first the dyslexic success event at Google Campus. Since then we have run around 50 events together for a peer to peer network which targets neurodivergent people developing their careers"

Gill Cooke

Head of Digital Planning 3G

"Ruth-Ellen is an inspiration – kind and generous with her time and advice. #STEMConnext loved having Ruth-Ellen as part of her diverse panel for the event “What is your Superpower?” all about the power of Neurodiversity in 2019 and again this year, Ruth-Ellen has again paid it forward by coaching on anxiety around career choices and interviews at a recent networking event for Project Managers and Programme Managers looking for work. Ruth-Ellen talked to a number of individuals, really helping them work through their anxiety and giving them some tools and tips to work through. Thank you so much Ruth-Ellen for being such a giver. I love working with you

Lisa S

Consultant with ADHD

"Ruth – Ellen has a technique which is unique to other coaching programs that are on the market which makes her number one in her sector, she has a hands-on approach and offers full support throughout her sessions using different techniques to help her clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Ruth -Ellen."

Leah Leaves

 Entrepreneur with ADHD

Ruth-Ellen is so passionate about supporting women to be more confident in themselves and what they have to offer, and stand tall at work. She has a natural desire to understand the mind and find the tools to work in a way that works for each individual person she works with. The world needs people like you Ruth, thank you"

Emotional control, response inhition & stress response are just a handful of many executive function skills which help with RSD, when you stregethen other EFS it is an absolute game-changer. It's like having a superpower that helps you stay laser-focused, crush your goals with style, and handle life's curveballs like the unstoppable force you are! 

Do you know your executive function strengths and weaknesses?  Find out now!

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