Our stories from the past are not a preview of the future. We have come too far to give up when we are just at the edge of being victorious. Say it with me. I am manifesting all my desires. It is done!

Ruth-Ellen – Love & Light
P.S. Did I tell you about the program abundance it is where you reclaim you power, you know that power that was taken from you without your permission. It is the program to get down and dirty in the trenches and take back what is yours, freedom, peace, power, abundance.

Coaching with me and you to get to the root of your real desires so that you can be that deliberate creator and build that business & life, that is fit for a Queen. Yes, I am talking to you Queen, you!

You don’t want joy, you want the energy that joy brings and the ripple effects that help the world vibrate at a higher level too.

You don’t want less stuff to do, you want to do stuff that matters to you and gives you a real sense of purpose.

You don’t want £10,000 months, you want experiences that the £10,000 months will bring, and you can have it and more just by sharing your unique insights and power with the world. Your peeps are waiting, so click this link and book your call to claim that abundance now!

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I believe everyone should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so I help to build inclusive workplaces.

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