Every day we play a role consciously or unconsciously

Roles I have played this weekend;

  • Student
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Mother
  • Teacher
  • Customer
  • Patient Shopper

What roles have you played in the last 24 hours?

Whatever roles you played, I want you to know that these roles are not the truth of my essence, and they are not the truth of your essence either.

I constantly have to ask myself, is this role serving me or limiting me?

And like clothes, if I find that these roles don’t do anything for my figure I can exchange them for ones that fit me better (regardless of how long I have been wearing them).

And you have the power to do the same!

Because these roles are one manifestation of who you are!

Yes just one, and the very fact that you are an infinite being means you are way more than a role

You are light.

You are energy.

And the essence of who you are…

Cannot be contained in any role

Instead, choose to live with the essence of the role but don’t attach to the role

You’re free.

You’re not your body.

You’re not your mind.

You’re a spirit

These roles each have agreements attached to them, some of these agreements don’t serve you, some of them are agreements made before you were even born,

Doesn’t matter where you got the agreements, it matters that you now are conscious and making a choice to not live in that agreement that doesn’t serve you!

You’re in a relationship with these roles so expect to be happy, to smile, to laugh, to connect,  if you are experiencing anything less than these things than maybe it’s time to rethink them

Which roles need new agreements?

Which roles need to be demolished completely?

And what new roles do you need to create in order to manifest your desires?


Ruth-Ellen x

healer & manifestation coach


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