“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.” ~David Allen

I literally only listen to positive music ?whether that is from a specific country ? artist to ambient meditation music, I get real picky about what goes on my playlist and only listen to certain Paramore songs. ?

I don’t watch horror movies ? (Paranormal was a comedy btw ?) and keep friends with negative tendencies to a minimum ?(I don’t totally cut them loose because we should encourage and uplift others when we can). God gives us the energy we need to do that.

We should be filling ourselves up with music, movies, books etc that help us stay in that high vibe?. There are some emails I receive from coaches, leaders, trainers etc that use headlines to make me feel bad about my circumstances (well the circumstances they think I am in) as they want me to work with them.

Everybody knows our current circumstances are not an indication of our future circumstances?

In fact, these energy vampires are about to get an unsubscribe notification right now?

Be a leader, an Eagle, Lion ?, Bear? because you’re not a snake? You’re not a sheep!

Do you know who you are?

You’re a force to be reckoned with that is powerful beyond measure? You’re mind-blowing, legendary, splendid, remarkable, you’re words that haven’t even been invented yet

When God made you, he broke the mold because He knew there was never going to be anyone like you again.

It’s time to level up and realise who you are through ALL areas of your life.

What are you paying attention to that is stopping you? Don’t answer that! Just get rid of it?


Ruth-Ellen – Here’s to staying confident consistently?

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