Neurodiversity Training Without Falling Asleep

Neuroscience tells us you remember what engaged you!

You want to solve a well-defined problem, with interventions that are co-designed, practical, positive, and evidence-based training that helps deliver long-lasting results around neurodiversity. 

So tell me why are you subjecting your people to boring, basic neurodiversity training that doesn't do that.

Research has found evidence that play at work is linked with less fatigue, boredom, stress, and burnout in individual workers. Play is also positively associated with job satisfaction, sense of competence, and creativity. 

My sessions are based on workplace play behaviour change not on testing knowledge, because being neuro-inclusive isn't about just knowing, it's about doing!

Many thanks for the session today, absolutely brilliant, Ruth you are a star, a very engaging presenter.

We had 54 attendee’s and NO drop off’s

 - Insurance Client

Ruth-Ellen Danquah Neurodiversity Trainer

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got questions like...

I'm not sure if neurodiversity training would be suitable?

I hear you…

Here's the cold, harsh reality; employees are tired of introducing themselves as "so and so with Autism" or explaining what that means to people who don't know. I want to talk to my teammates about what I can do, not what I can't.  This is a huge time and energy suck.

What if your company made it clear that you were all unique and we were here to learn from each other?  How would you feel working with a team like that?

I facilitate neurodiversity training events to help companies understand and be welcoming to their neurodivergent teammates.  I also provide consultation to help with creating neuro-inclusive environments because it's not always a training issue.

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