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    3 Quick Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Business #childsplay


    Like a teenager that refuses to pull their weight when it comes to chores, a colleague who expects to reap the rewards with no return, your business can sometimes make you want to kiss your teeth at it. So let me jump into three ways to fall back in love with your business so that you are feeding positivity in to see positivity out ?

    1. Fall back in love via Your Inner Rick Flair

    Write 50 ways why your business kicks butt, adds value and is the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be Woooooo (Ric Flair). Why 50? Well, I was going to ask you do 200 like my coach told me to do years ago when I was mad at my business but I am obviously nicer šŸ˜‰

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    Then do 7 days of business love mini challenge

    Step 1 – Pick your top 7 reasons

    Step 2 – Journal each day about the specific reason – bonus post one each day on social media #inlove

    2. Fall Back in Love via ROI

    Revive your business through getting your return on investment by making sales – Reach out to people that have engaged in your content

    1. Thank them for engaging with your content
    2. Ask them if they would like to join your group
    3. See if they are interested in a focused mini session
    4. Invite them to your program that helps to transform them

    Get uncomfortable and know that you can laugh at yourself, it is a sign of maturity

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    3. Fall Back in Love via Your Transformational Solution

    Create a mind map of all the offers that help to transition your client from their current situation to a better situation.

    I just need you to remember whatever goal you ‘re aiming for right now will be achieved.

    You just have to stay focused on your dream, your why!

    Why do you want this so bad?
    Why do you need this to happen?
    Why do you deserve this?

    Your dream, the big why has to be all over your plan. Because that dream motivates you when your vibration is low, it helps you to stay high.

    You’ve got this!

    Here’s to staying confident ✊

    Ruth-Ellen xx


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