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How to make sure your business visibility is supporting your business goals

As you know to connect with your soulmate clients they have to feel connected to who you are, the real you, the right business visibility will support your business goals in doing that because it will include a strategy that emcompasses emotional intelligence.

And so if you’ve taken action and stretched outside your comfort zone, you’ve been fearless and been vulnerable by sharing content, you thought you expanded

But instead of being on cloud 9, you wish the clouds would swallow you up, so you take a minute, hour, day or week to recover. You’re probably thinking this is normal, that shifting is supposed to be painful, it’s part of growth.

That feeling in your belly when you ‘stretch’ isn’t the fire in your belly, it’s inflammation and it’s actually damaging your body, there is a scientific reason for this…

Inflammation is caused by stress. Too much stress can lead to a chronic inflammatory response which in turn leads to diseases like body pain, constant fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, mood disorder, weight gain, acid reflux…does this sound familair?

You’re experiencing these dis-eases because you was never meant to push so hard to speak your truth and so the action you’ve been taking has been damaging you

If you’ve been stressed because you are trying to fake it before you make it,  I want to let you know there is a better way, being visible in your business can be joyful, easy, growing doesn’t have to include pain, it all starts with a choice. 

Make the choice to experience ease, flow and joy in business through energetically clearing those vows, contracts, agreements of hiding 

This is how you show up from a place of expansion without the painful stress and finally experience inner PEACE

This is about clearing what is getting in way of you BEING you.

All of that amazing, creative, inspiring, potentially life-changing power inside of you is shackled up waiting to be unleashed. 

If you want to know how to ensure your visibility is supporting your business goals then keep reading I am about to expand on the how…

1. Increase Business Visibility By Knowing Who You Are

Being accepting of who you are doesn’t stop, there are four indications of knowing who you are

  • Being free from daily judgement of self and others by healing the mother wound
  • Being super clear on your core values and living them so you can show up as authentically you and have a clear vision
  • Trusting yourself and knowing you are enough, you know enough and you are deserving
  • Trasmuting dark energy that has attached to your energetic field so that you are the light and love you were born to be

2. Increase Business Visibility By Taking Aligned Action

Cognitive disonance happens when we have conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors, this normally shows up when you speak to everyone instead of one person in your marketing.

The goal of marketing is to start a conversation with your soul mate client not to debate with a lead about why your price is your price.

It shows up when you do anything but mention your transformational service unapologetically

It shows up in generic LAME (look at me everyone) visibility which is from a place of ego

Aligned action is from that inner knowing from Universal life force that is for your highest good, that inuitive nudge from your third eye, a message from your heart to your soulmate clients heart

It’s using tools like mindfulness

It’s using tools to excel

It’s using compassion

Visibility VQ

3. Have The Right Energy To Be Visible By Implementing Spiritual Practices

Meditation is a such way to connect with your highest wisdom but there is more to honour your spiritual awakening journey

It’s praying so that you have a conversation with Universe and using meditation and mindfulness to listen

It’s energy hygiene so that low vibrational energy that you pick up is transmuted

It’s healing that help you bounce out of the dark night of the soul within minutes

It’s continous shadow work to help you be an energetic match to your soulmate clients

It’s inner child work so you stop bleeding over people that didn’t even cut you, you know what I’m talking about

4. Increase Your Visibility By Setting up Systems

Are you nurturing the relationship with your soul mate clients?

Are you building up your email list daily?

Are your offers being seen daily?

Are you onboarding clients easily?

If any of the above is 80% manual than queen we need to talk, because let’s face it growing your list, being seen and onboarding can be automated without having to be a tech queen. This frees you up to implement more fun, family and fitness time and who doesn’t want that?

In summary your business is an extension of you and so you get to decide how you run your business, running it from a place of joy will attract your soulmate clients and so if you’re not experiencing joy I want to ask you a few questions…

visibility check in

I want to empower you with tools so you can do more of what you love, take aligned action, implement spiritual practices and set up systems so that you grow your business by being unapologetically visible !

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