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    Executive Function Skills

    How to Prioritise Your Work: An Energy Saving Guide to Effective Task Management

    Knowing how to prioritise your work is a vital skill. It assists in managing tasks efficiently and maximising productivity. It's about deciding which tasks...

    10 Inspiring Quotes from Rumi for Self-Reflection I’m Obsessed With Right Now

    Table of ContentsWho is Rumi?Brief BackgroundInfluence and LegacyThe Power of Inner WisdomUnderstanding Inner WisdomBenefits of Tapping into Inner WisdomQuote 1: "Set your life on...

    What Is Working Memory? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding its Definition, Importance, and Impact on Everyday Tasks

    So what is working memory? Working memory is a crucial cognitive function that plays a significant role in our everyday lives. It is often...

    How to Effectively Use the Chunking Technique to Improve Memory Retention Now

    Ever wondered why it's hard to remember long lists or lengthy information? The answer lies in an effective technique called chunking. This method enhances...

    The Ultimate Guide to Distress Tolerance Skills: Building Resilience in Challenging Situations

    Distress tolerance skills are vital tools that can help you navigate through life's ups and downs. This guide will help you understand these skills,...

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    Alexithymia + Interoception Tools

    By investing in my alexithymia and interoception tools, you are taking a significant step towards enhancing emotional literacy, body awareness, and interpersonal connections. These resources are invaluable for anyone looking to improve their emotional well-being and build stronger, healthier relationships.

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