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    Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

    Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria vs BPD: 7 Simple Differences

    Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria vs BPD: Understanding the Differences and Similarities. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) are two mental health conditions...

    What does a rejection sensitive dysphoria episode look like?

    Many of us have experienced the overwhelming feeling of rejection in our personal and professional lives. However, for individuals with rejection sensitivity dysphoria, or...

    These 6 NLP for ADHD Tools Are Working Right Now To Help Set Boundaries & Manage Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria [With Examples]

    Table of ContentsHow NLP Can Help Manage Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria in ADHDReframe Your Language ExamplesVisualising Your Boundaries: A Powerful Tool for Building Self-Empowerment1. The...

    You’re Not A Bitch You’re A Queen

    For too long, I have avoided this conversation When I really should have been embracing it I am queen through and through Does that mean I am...

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