I am a people watcher

I think officially it’s not called being nosey #judgeme, it’s actually called anthropology

When I found that you could get paid for staring at people I thought “what I can get paid for this?”

There is cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, social anthropology, you get the idea.

Antrolopology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. I am actually #jobcrushing right now and thinking about my life choices, (yeah I know I am part of the #latesquad)

So let me get into business anthropology

I constantly keep an eye on what is working for the competition

And you can wipe that rubbish from your ass about there is no competition, competition is real it exists

Competition is a word in the dictionary, let’s not get delusional

However, regardless of the competition, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them, after all, everybody is in a different race. We should only compete with ourselves!

However, we should also be aware what is working in the industry, because we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Similar Web is pretty darn awesome

In the Facebook Live video below, I share with you a quick peek of the capabilities of the Chrome extension that will help you to:

Gain some real insights on what sources of traffic your competitors are using to drive leads and sales.

Want strategies on how to use the right tools and how to get the right data for your business? or maybe you want to streamline your processes/systems so you can increase your overall sales?

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Ruth-Ellen is a Get More Sales Coach, mother of teenagers, personal performance trainer, speaker & advocate of equal rights for those on the autistic spectrum, dyslexia, and dyspraxia, website developer and unapologetically awesome!

Ruth-Ellen – You’ve Got The Gear (knowledge), Now Get In The Game (take inspired action)!

Get In The Game x


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