That’s what I used to think when I used to put an offer out there and get crickets ?

Crickets will mean I would RUN ?? (like someone was chasing me) towards overwhelm…

I would run to the latest webinar
I would run to the latest freebie
I would run to the latest (insert here) _____ offer hoping that by watching, downloading, implementing it would fix my suckiness.

It didn’t, all this would do would cause me more overwhelm…

I would run to coaches that had similar solutions I had but delivered it in different ways only to get frustrated with them. Because I knew this stuff and more, but I didn’t believe in me anymore. So I wasn’t going to IMPLEMENT anything they said because I convinced myself it didn’t work.

Weeks would go by and I would speak to people on the phone that couldn’t AFFORD even my low end offers. I would be drowning in people who needed to speak to their PARTNERS which all translated into they wasn’t READY.

More weeks would go by and I would get less sleep WORRYING about the bills piling up, the kids I need to look after

Months would go by where I would finally invest in a COURSE to go to another level, to see absolutely no results. That’s a lie, I saw results I got even MORE suckier.

And it did not change.

Until I decided to take a stand.

Then EVERYTHING changed.

Because I decided to dig deep and truly UNDERSTAND why I was attracting people that weren’t ready

Because I decided to take off the suckiness that other people had DROWNED me in.

Because I silenced the voices of ROOKIES that were leading me down a tunnel that had no exit

Until you INSIST on taking a stand nothing will change…

You cannot sell if you don’t BELIEVE what you’re selling, all the “should be” activities you are doing has stuck to you like a bad smell that won’t g away

You cannot sell with belief if you’re constantly APOLOGISING for existing and being YOU. Because guess who shows up when you do this? A clone of someone who is already taken.

You cannot sell with belief if you come from a place of LACK and GUILT because you are trying to please everyone

So I AM here to help you sell, selling is what I believe is going to help impact the world.

Only when you BELIEVE in you because of your UNIQUE insights, experiences, and TALENTS will you say yes to you.

When you say yes to you, others will say yes to you.

I didn’t help my client sell 7 figures worth of new business just by luck, it was because I BELIEVED!

So if you BELIEVE in what you are selling, you believe in your mission, you will sell bucket loads and help your clients see the TRANSFORMATION they need.

Only then will you totally change your sales game and day by day the world!

Ruth-Ellen x

P.S If you want to be unapologetic with your beliefs then I suggest you start with being an unapologetic you, the first step is to click this link >>>…

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