Energy coaching starts with finding out what you want. Because without a destination you can end up lacking purpose, passion and positivity because your energy is not being channelled consciously.  And as energy means different things for different people, finding out what successful energy looks like to you is key foundational work. The end result of energy coaching is all about shifting energy that is no longer beneficial for your life so that you can welcome in beneficial energy so that you can accomplish your dreams and desires with ease.

How do you choose an Energy Coach?

A great Energy Coach will help guide you through the ins and outs of how to protect and manage your energy, healing you as well as empowering you to remove resistance that is getting in the way of you living your dreams. They will help you learn when to push down on the pedal to go faster and when it is more prudent to lay off acceleration a bit to focus on control, balance, and sustainability instead.

The best way to grab a virtual tea and connect with me to explore your desires/dreams, I like to call it an exploration call.

What makes you successful to coach me in Energy?

Because everyone has a different definition of what success looks like even the accolades I am about to share isn’t to impress you, but to express upon you that I have achieved my version of success in my life.

I am trained in hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT master practitioner, life coach, Reiki Master & Crystal Master. In addition, I am studying CBT

I am a continuous professional learner and believe that life is an amazing journey, my mission is to help you enjoy the process not just get to the destination

I believe you have the answers within but it has been covered in the gunk of other people’s energy.

Intuition plays a big part in my success coaching practice, which basically means I facilitate the space for you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power of your divine energy so you become limitless.

The laws of the universe are the key elements that take part in my energy coaching practice; they indicate that everything around us is energy. My end goal is to empower you to be the creator of your life and a powerful,  purposeful manifestor by channelling your energy unapologetically into the life you desire.

Because you as a spiritual being having a human experience is always vibrating energy – but on different frequency levels, depending on the emotions that we are feeling.

  • I have manifested £120 million in new business sales working with corporates
  • An unbelievable soulmate who accepts supports and loves me more than I could have imagined.
  • I went from a depressed, unconfident angry woman into a extroverted, compassionate and passionate woman.

You can read more about my journey here

Does that mean I will be able to manifest too with your Energy coaching?

Manifesting basically means to move your dreams into reality

Of course, you are manifesting right now unconsciously that is why the various modalities I have trained in is so important to changing your energy.

When I shifted my vibrational set point the intention to meet my dream man manifested and I am blessed and grateful to have met him.

I created a morning routine started to implement meditations into my practice and learn as much about myself as possible, because energy is everything. And I now help my clients to optimise their energy, get their desired results, their version of success.

It’s simple really; everyone who wants to achieve success, however you define it, can get there much faster with the right coach and who knows that could be me, but if it’s not than at least you know.

Book your exploration call and find out if we are aligned, it’s time to be the creator, never the waiter!

I believe everyone should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so I help to build inclusive workplaces.

Tel: 0800 832 1453

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