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How To Thrive In Motherhood – Episode #9 Of The S.H.E Can Show

The S.H.E Can Show believe that labels are for jars and not for people, we share how guest shift, heal and expand so that you can do that too. Hosted by Ruth-Ellen Danquah hypnotherapist with a mission to empower all women to show up as their badass self in their business through crushing, crumbling and destroying vows to play small using hypnotherapy. Today’s show features Irene Mckenna!

Hey S.H.E. Can show listeners…I’m an empowerment coach for moms ready to experience motherhood differently. I help moms cultivate a life-enhancing reality and find the joy, harmony, and peace in motherhood. We’ve been fed a lie that a good mother is selfless. We’ve given away our inner power and lost our confidence, compassion, and love for ourselves. I believe thriving in motherhood is a mindset that we uncover. I’m the owner and founder of Irene McKenna Coaching, LLC and The Empowered Mom Project.

I was the frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed mom stuck in the cycle of reactivity and unhappiness just a few years ago. Disconnected from my kids, my husband, and most of all myself. As I took my life back, I became a certified health, transformational, and parenting coach. I’m fascinated by the mind/body connection, NLP and relationships. I believe when moms thrive we have the power to shift future generations.

How Irene McKenna can help you thrive in motherhood…

I help moms go from overwhelmed and feeling inadequate and unsure to empowered and confident. She learns to nurture her inner power and create influence and no longer waste energy trying to get life to behave.

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