You don’t understand is what I  a workshop participant said to me.

I was teaching how to Rock, dominate and get promoted and I kept on hearing excuses.

My company doesn’t work that way – ‘the you don’t understand excuse’

My manager and I already had that discussion – ‘the I am already doing it excuse’

Oh, I understand.

I understand excuses

Excuses born out of fear

I understand that you may know what to do, but you ain’t doing it

Often time we pull back from opportunities

Pull back from relationships instead of telling the truth

The truth to ourselves

Our jobs as leaders, as people who fully show up, is not to convince the people that are not in it to win it.

Our job is to be present

Show up fully

Without apologies

Go through each doorway with a fresh new attitude of gratitude so we can see the altitude we want in ALL areas of our lives.

To fulfil the vision

I was in Jenny Kovacs challenge about ask and receive and something dawned on me

Everything I was doing right now was in alignment with my vision

And if you don’t know my vision here is a little bit of it

We just bought a property in Chistlehusrt and it felt wonderful to pay for it in cash, with the portfolio interest gained from various investments we were able to pay off my mums and sister mortgage and renovate my dad house as well as pay for an assistant to help him.

My hubby and I volunteered at Crisis together for the second year running

We opened our second digital training hub in London which was subsidised by the state and corporates to employ the next generation of Google entrepreneurs

My husband proposes every day to me and I always accept he is the most amazing man I know, he inspires me and the kids and is the most loving, giving, humble, handsome, man I know and

I thank God for him every day.


Nothing in my vision is actually about money

It’s about who I am already, but enhancing it.

I volunteer at Crisis, the awesome homeless shelter at Christmas because I know from personal experience how lonely homelessness is.

My vision is about an experience

How I want to leave the world a better place

How I want to make sure I am a contributor, not just a consumer

How I want to be love and be loved (sidenote: I am getting a tattoo that says live to love)

The things I can do to be open to it every day is to stop being cynical, be focused on my vision and believe that the universe has got my back. This desire to desire that God has placed in my heart will come to fruition.

Fear or love can also be seen in other areas of our life. We have to be intentional because when we put ourselves out there to the world of the potential suitors we need to set clear intentions

Consciously and literally

I am dating with the intention of meeting the right guy, the more dates you go on the closer you get to the right guy.

I am on POF,

Tinder (yes Tinder lol)

Even accepted a request from a random guy on Facebook (I don’t just add random people, I checked out his profile).

However, I set boundaries and similar to considering working with a potential client, if they are flakey I don’t give second chances. Here’s my thinking, if you can’t be trusted with the small things like showing up, how can you be trusted with the big things?

When people show you who they are, believe them ?

But make your choice from love, not fear, because the other option is not really an option at all

Ruth-Ellen xx


Opting into that freebie offer and hoping it solves all your problems is not a sales strategy that comes from a place of fear too. The fear of not knowing enough. Hun, you know loads!

Listening to another generalised webinar, Livestream or group training programme that doesn’t get specific is not a sales strategy.

Obsessing over whether something is wrong with you or something is wrong about your business and then wondering if something is wrong with you again is not a sales strategy.

The difference between a business that thrives and one that dies is being aware of what is going on in your own head. If your head is not in the game then your business will be affected.

When I got divorced, was made homeless with two kids to look after it took me a while to get back to me, the very core of me. Even though I had 20 years worth of experience in sales and had sold millions working with brands I found that I couldn’t sell with confidence, because parts of me were missing in action. Selling with Confidence: How To Win In Sales with Ease is a 6-week intensive program to get you back to your core, so you sell with confidence it starts the 2nd week in June.

You will receive:

? 6 1:1 calls with customised action plans at the end of each session (never walk away not knowing what to do next), which will be focused on a specific result. Every 6th day we will jump back on a call to see how you implemented this action plan. And then we will focus on the next milestone (pay in full and you receive 8 of these)

? Unlimited email access between calls with a service level agreement which means you will get a response from me within 24 hours or less ? Support you want, support you get!

? A private membership area to access your bonuses, ask me questions and practice your sales techniques for actual feedback, yes I know ?

You walk away: –

? Knowing how to sell without looking pushy, sleazy, salesy or all those other things associated with sales

? Knowing how to get new clients with ease (even when you’re sleeping) so it is easy to be sales focused every day without aggressively pursuing sales.

? Knowing how to deliver a compelling vision that will help your soul end clients rush to work with you

? Knowing how to have unshakeable confidence, no matter what, so you start to believe you can create anything you want!

Selling with Confidence is all about knowing your value – understanding how to present it to the world – being unapologetic. The investment is £3997 or four instalments of £1197 each



A private half-day intensive with me (VALUE: £1997) (FULL PAY ONLY)

Private power sales funnel session with me, where I help you to create a funnel, optimise your site for conversion, plus we work on your email sequence (VALUE: £2999)

4 Day Video Course to acquire sales traits, understand what a sales process really is, gain some methods to actually enable sales to occur without you pulling your hair out. All this will give you the end to end process to move forward with ease and blast through the things that have been keeping you going round in circles (VALUE: £799)

Worksheets, checklists, overcome ANY objection

Again, that’s £5K in bonuses for a 6-week coaching program, plus 1:1 calls with me AND A


You was NOT born to play small ?

Play the part YOU was destined to play ?
The world has a hole that can only be filled with you, but only…
If you prepare to play NOW! ?

Apply Selling with Confidence

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