? Did you know over 79% leads that you’re collecting don’t result in sales due to lack of relationship building?

? Why go through all that nurturing when you never sell?

How do you feel about the word sales funnel?

I know, the word sales funnel is either over-used or you have no idea what I am talking about

? Either way, you’re so bored already…Let me explain why I am even bringing this subject up.

I used to sell in business to business AKA B2B, hit seven-figure targets really easily. Check my credentials on LinkedIn.
? But when I transitioned from offline to online the numbers were near to nothing. So I had to go back to the drawing board and really reverse engineer my processes that led to my success offline.
? The consistent processes that worked for me included taking the offline team and replacing them with robots.Yes, robots. ?
?OK, maybe nothing as cool as robots but technology that would do the same thing as my delightful past colleagues were paid to do (at the fraction of the cost).

Why do I even need a Sales Funnel?

If you are anything like me, you would normally outsource tasks that you don’t like. Or learn how to do it and do it all yourself until you have the funds available to outsource or recruit an employee.
While you’re transitioning to the stage of generating a consistent income, you’re going to be in the delightful stage of feast or famine.

? I don’t want you to go through the feast or famine I went through, so I want to share with you, my process for setting up processes that make an offline team redundant. Processes sound really boring, but believe me they are so exciting, productive and really effective.

When is this Sales Challenge Happening?

? Glad you asked, On the 25th April, I will be hosting a live 4-day challenge called ‘Create EASY Sales Online’.

I want you to join me and learn how to create a process that helps you create a consistent stream of income & it’s completely FREE. How does that sound?


What’s the deal with this Sales Funnel Challenge, is it complicated?

? Easy steps: Nothing complicated, just simple steps in creating powerful sales using easy sales funnels

?Easy Tools: discover the best tools for uncovering the right words and images to use in your sales funnel campaigns. Plus you will only be using FREE tools on this challenge

? Easy to follow along: I wanted to reiterate simple, step-by-step training that will help you create sales online that boost your business like never before.

I know your time is precious. You get to see examples and a checklist for you to keep & actually use! I am the get more sales coach, so if I didn’t help you get more sales I would be doing a dis-service to you. So let me show you what I’ve learnt, I normally charge for this stuff. But I am full to the brim of information and I want to help you in your business.

  • Email Prompts
  • Checklist for your funnel
  • Live Training in private FB group

So are you in?

Ruth-Ellen – Your #GetMoreSalesCoach


P.S. Don’t go through the year feast or famine I went through, save your seat for the sales funnel challenge, no fluff, straight with no chaser value ?? Register for the easy sales online challenge 

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