So here you will find FREE phone wallpapers for June, feel free to download and use for your personal use.

I am uploading new wallpapers every day on my Pinterest and updating this page, so make sure you’re following to be the first to see them.

I’m happy for you to share them on other social media channels – but please credit/tag me. 

Also please do not add your own links to them on Pinterest.

Enjoy, and right click to save to your computer. Then airdrop to your phone. 

Or just click on image, save

Locate image in photo albulm , click share icon then use as wallpaper

  1. Reminder: You’re more than enough

2. Today I choose to be a contributor not just a consumer

today i choose to be a contributor

3. F.E.A.R – stands for finally an expanding attitude request

4. I laugh. It’s how I say thanks to the Universe and vibrate more joy into the world

Phone wallpaper quotes June

5. June Calendar

6. I receive the power of the medicine of the owl’s intuition and wisdom and it’s increasing daily

7. Reminder: You are unconditionally loved

8. Don’t act as if, act as have! You have it. It is done. Now get into alignment and close that gap of lack, so you are open to receiving

9. Today I choose to love the process because todayI choose love above everything else

10. Throw me to the wolves & I’ll return leading the pack

11. I take committed action towards my dreams. I am on the fast track to them right now!

Phone Wallpaper Quotes

12. The more I love all parts of me, the less I want to hide any of me

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