People create their own worlds

Where they make their own rules

I want you to consider how their “rules” could be affecting your future

This post is about calling you to stop that from happening
To make you aware that other people’s benchmarks/rules are not for you to chase, live up to or reach.

I am asking you to consider that instead of trying to reach their forever moving benchmark of what you need to say…

What you need to do

Or who you need to be to be “good enough”

That this is YOUR time to STOP!

Maybe, just maybe it is time to create your own benchmarks
It time to decide that the only person that gets to validate you, is you!
That internal validation is the only validation that you need to care about!

So that you START to take daily action on doing the things that align with you and your vision!

Because at the end of the day you don’t want to meet your highest self/creator/God and realise that you didn’t spend your time fulfilling your life but spent your time trying to please other people.

Wouldn’t that be a waste of a life?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you lay your head down at night and when you wake up that morning you’re living to make sure your vision is fulfiled & that you’re YOU!

That you are changing the world on your terms!

Not someone else’s terms who took “7 seconds to judge” you in an interview
Not someone else term’s who looked at your photos and decided that it didn’t “deserve a like”
Not on someone else’s terms who looked at your work and decided that your work didn’t live up to “their standards”

Let’s STOP helping people to create our life outcomes and let’s instead STAND UP for ourselves
STAND UP for what is right
STAND UP for our lives

AND let’s stat to make a difference in this world
Let’s create a world which burns all boxes, labels and anything else that restricts us from BEING our true selves!

Don’t die!

Are you ready to live?

Remember Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

Ruth-Ellen xx

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