How do you hit your sales targets?
Is there a magic bullet?
No, but there is a system
In this video, I run through the specifics when it comes to hitting your targets so you stop avoiding failure & get more sales. Below is the summary of what I discuss in the video
1.  Get clear on what you want – Ask for the sale, if you’re not asking maybe you don’t want it
2. Find out what those obstacles are – How to overcome objections
3. Get into the ideal sales conversations as often as possible
4. Get an accountability partner with support – We are driven by different things and accountability looks different for different people
5. Have a strategy that works for you

Want strategies on how to hit your targets? or maybe you want to streamline your processes/systems so you can increase your overall sales?

Then do this:

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2. Grab your planner with social media prompts via Facebook Messenger  – FREE Daily Planner (it’s a taste of action rather than inaction after all)

3. Join Selling with Confidence Daily  to learn how to sell with confidence, don’t have all the gear (knowledge) and no game (action). Remember selling starts and ends with confidence, don’t let your confidence impact your income.

Ruth-Ellen is a Get More Sales Coach, mother of teenagers, personal performance trainer, speaker & advocate of equal rights for those on the autistic spectrum, dyslexia, and dyspraxia, website developer and unapologetically awesome!

Ruth-Ellen – You’ve Got The Gear (knowledge), Now Get In The Game (take inspired action)!

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