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You looked at the credentials (#jobdescription)

Went on a date (#interview)

Then another date (2nd stage interview)

You made it exclusive (accepted the 35 hours per week position) And then you realised how many issues this commitment came with

Your partner had a habit drinking way too much as a form of “bonding” (work parties with alcohol)

You also found your new partner had an issue with people that didn’t act, think and look like them (inclusion and diversity to them was someone with different hair colour 😏)

And your partners emotional intelligence was lacking (gossiping about colleagues was there favourite past time)

And you would constantly get into arguments because your value system did not align Why are you still dedicating 40 hours a week to this relationship? (Remember you have to travel to see them too 🙄)

You would have broken up, blocked and gone on a retreat to heal from that toxic relationship by now But you make the excuse to stay because you are tired and you’re getting paid 😓

And you believe if you stay it will get better (yes you believe in 4th chances). There is a better way to excel in your career

Lean in and listen to this Shot of Confidence Episode as I delve into what you can do to get more traction in your job search by tapping into the unusual

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Shots You Don’t Want to Miss In This Episode:

  • Why you need to go back to the drawing board and create your dream job
  • How to create a more balanced relationship with your job
  • Why not honouring your values messes you up

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

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