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My confidence was in the trash by the time I emerged from my divorce

Then just when I thought my confidence couldn’t get any lower, rebound guy managed to help me to get even lower in the dumps

Then other factors like …not having a support system to help to elevate me

Factors like hearing my ex’s toxic voice condemning me, because even though I left the relationship physically I still had residue voices in my head affecting me

Factors like transitioning to being a single mum and having less income hit me way beyond rock bottom

I had enough of feeling like less than, because of my circumstances

I had enough of carrying the heavy energy around me because it wasn’t helping me

I am a kinesthetic learner, ESFP & ENFP personality type so I knew I needed to get back to generating confidence and the gym just didn’t cut it

Burlesque for me was the perfect tool.

I wanted to gain the confidence that had been stripped away like paint stripper over the year.

Confidence that I was in awe of when I watched the movie Burlesque with Cher & Christina Aguilera (one of my guilty pleasure movies).

So I thought I would try out Burlesque!

I added burlesque to my bucket list, booked a course and pursued Burlesque wholeheartedly.

I committed to myself that no matter how uncomfortable it became, that I wouldn’t abandon myself by dismissing my feelings,

That I would honour my feelings and let them flow through me

What follows are the 7 things burlesque classes taught me about confidence, that has also helped me speak on stage in front of 400 people with ease and do countless other things.

1. Sexy doesn’t belong to people that are given the label by the masses. The term sexy is for those who dare to wear the label without it being handed to them, it’s in your attitude and affects your altitude.

2. Confidence is not something you have, it is something you generate. You make a decision to be confident and to quieten those niggling little voice that tells you to sit down and not to make a fool of yourself by just being.

3. The more you come out of your comfort zone the more you start challenging yourself and that is where your real confidence lies.

4. You need to find your theme music that plays while you walk, it’s ok to dance wherever you are and laugh at yourself.

5. Showing up and being present is half of the battle when it comes to being confident.

6. Laughing at yourself is real confidence. I now know nipple tassels are no big deal. I have seen 40 different shapes of boobies with nipples covered, so getting changed in the gym and see naked ladies, ain’t so bad.

7. The clothes don’t maketh the lady. The lady maketh the clothes. Whether you are wearing a burlesque outfit, an onesie or sweatpants it doesn’t matter. Point is, you wear the clothes, you wear it well 🙂

So there are the 7 Things Burlesque classes helped me to develop my confidence on stage, but more importantly, burlesque taught me to love all parts of me, grieve unapologetically stretch marks and all.

😱 Until you STOP apologising for your decisions

😱 Until you decide and COMMIT to loving every single facet about you

😱 Until you start to believe you have the POWER to change your circumstances, until these things happen you will continue to replay that same movie where you end up like the good girl who ends up last. The girl who believes she doesn’t deserve to be on stage

Would you rather live a half-life full of what if’s, condemnation & sadness, believing you don’t have a voice or…

😁 Would you rather dance like nobody is watching, not just step out on stage in front of 400 people but step up and into the life YOU was destined to live 💯UNAPOLOGETICALLY without fear, guilt or doubt but and with love so you can live your life on your terms?

😊💪🏼💥 You’re ready for that, right?

Ruth-Ellen xx

Remember to Be Celebrated


Are you tired of living with fear, doubt and anxiety?

😝Are you not speaking your truth because you fear judgement?
😝Always looking outside of yourself for answers?
😝Are you constantly changing your mind?
😝Attracting things you don’t want?


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