A Quick Pep Talk On Focus – 1 Video 3 Quotes & A Slap (Or 7)

According to Wikipedia Thompson was a good but not outstanding scholastic sprinter; her best result at the Jamaican Boys and Girls Championships came in 2009, when she placed fourth in the Class Two 100 metres in 12.01.

In the 100 metres women’s final in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro she won the gold medal.

Imagine if Thompson lost her focus just because she looked at where she was rather than where she was heading.

It’s simple. When we focus on the right things, we can do great things. When we lack focus we will feel disappointed with our results.



Now here is your slap, I couldn’t choose between which slap…so enjoy


Pep talk over!

Here’s to staying confident consistently ✊

Ruth-Ellen Henry

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