Today we are talking about how to stay positive

Take that look off your face

Right now you’re probably thinking this  is about meditating

It’s not.

Even though meditating is awesome

Especially the let’s keep it CS Honest Meditation* I created (*shameless plug) which is coming soon

So here’s the thing…

Negative shiz happens

It does.

There is no denying it.

In fact to deny our negative emotions, to not acknowledge negative emotions, is actually bad for your well-being!

Research has shown we need negative emotions in our life and we shouldn’t just be using self-affirmations  (more on that a little later)

Appropriate negativity is essential when it comes to staying positive

Negative emotions offer us feedback on our performance, gives us hints on what’s working and what’s not so we can navigate our behaviour and learn ways to improve

[bctt tweet=”Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise. Kobe Bryant ” username=”confidentsch”]

Dishwashing gives immediate results ? Your business & your life changes take time. ⏰ So give yourself permission to get results that aren’t immediate.? ? Because you’re doing something much greater than washing dishes ?

So how do you stay positive when your business isn’t generating the revenue even though you set targets?

How do you stay positive when people are not watching your live streams and they are not converting?

How do you stay positive when you don’t feel like getting out of bed?

How do you stay positive to sell with confidence?

Well, you don’t just use positive affirmations!

Instead, we use afformations

Yes I spelled it right AFFORMATIONS!

Afformations are a way for you to ask questions that go from “I will” to “will I”

For example instead of I will close this lead. You instead ask,  will I close this lead?  Then the mind finds all the reasons, all the evidence as to why you will, it’s just one of the activities I teach in FREE 4 Ways to Get Sales Faster video series I created

And in my main program 90 Days To Sales Mastery, we actually create those powerful afformations together


You Need The Right Positivity To Stay Positive

So how do you know if you have the right negative to positive ratios so you know you have just the right amount to stay positive?

Well I am glad you asked friend

The exact ratio is 3:1

For every three instances of feeling gratitude and one instance of anger, guilt or embarrassment people generally flourished.


But let’s go even deeper here:

Negative emotions are unintentional

Often hidden

Overflowing like a wave of doubt

While positive emotions are much more deliberate, intentional making it seem like we have to be in a reflective state to actually tap into it

So what does that mean?

It means in order to say positive we must be obsessed with balancing the 3:1 ratio

Ask yourself a few questions so you stay on track to stay positive

Am I being persistent?

Do you give up too easily?

Are you learning self-helplessness and sometimes explain things as permanent, universal or personal (see PUP technique in video above)?

There are a bunch of other questions that are essential to staying positive.

But Ruth-Ellen how do you know how to respond to make sure you stay positive?

Ahha, that is where the video comes in my friend (go watch it already) it has the type of responses that you may have come up with.


You’ve Got The Gear, Now Get In The Game ?

Ruth-Ellen – Your Get More Sales Coach

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