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    How To Stop Hating Your Career NOW


    Are you stopping yourself from having the career you really want?

    This can lead to resentment, in the following post I will give you five steps, so you know how to stop hating your career now 

    I am getting married on a beach, a beach in Rio. That is the bottom line. It is a non-negotiable *mic drop*

    So what?

    Well…how many times have you stated what you really wanted and actually got it?

    Your reluctance to build the career that you really want is fear.

    When you settle for less than your expectations you leave the door open for disappointment.

    Your fear of raising your prices, asking for the sale or being visible, is your fear of failure.

    You’re withdrawing from the situation if you’re not approaching it.

    There is no in between.

    Stop avoiding failure, stop the fear, change your image, your belief, get out of your own way with these 5 tips…

    [bctt tweet=”Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. – Ralph Marston” username=”iamruthellen”]

    1. Get Clear – Yes clarity, the word that gets bashed around like a boxing bag. Ask yourself what you really want. Then ask yourself what you really want again. No matter what your mind feedbacks to you, remember this is what you want.

    2. Don’t argue with your mind, listen to all reasons why you won’t / can’t have it. Use all that delightful, insightful feedback as intel you can use to answer your inner critic. Allow all those objections and then like Rocky Balboa make a come back with answers that leave your mind floored.

    Live outside your comfort zone to get the results you seek…

    3. Get into the ideal career conversations, as often as possible –
    When you know all the reasons people won’t give you buy in for a promotion you can then work on ways to close your career gaps. Influencing is a daily practice. Make sure you have the right mindset to advance your career.

    4. Get accountability with support – There is no point being accountable to someone who doesn’t give you the support when you feel stuck. When you get accountability with no support it is almost like going into the ring with a boxing coach that is on your competitors side. The RIGHT support stops you from making excuses.

    5. Have a strategy that you have tested that works for you – Here is the thing, different strategies for your career work for you that won’t work for other people. There is a place for LinkedIn,  Instagram, a place for Facebook and a place for Pinterest. Test what works for you. Offline, online etc… whatever you use, make sure it is strategic.

    Here’s to being celebrated not tolerated ✊️

    Ruth-Ellen x

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