Unleash The Goddess

Over 165,000 people search for the term Goddess each month (yes I went all geek), but the point of me tell you this is because many of us want to know more about Goddesses…

What is a Goddess?

Many people may describe the Goddess in a way that you need a dictionary to unravel so let me make it simple

Your Goddess is just another name for your inner guide

Your inner wisdom

Your inner light

Your intuition

Your true self

That intuitive voice deep down

That provides you with all the answers to your deepest lingering questions and says “yes you can” when everyone else tells you otherwise.

Why is my Goddess not unleashed?

When we go through seasons in our life

We stop trusting ourselves

Which means we dim the light of our Goddess.

Over our life course

Our inner wisdom becomes clouded with outer perceptions

Negativity from our external environment, including society, relationships, social media, etc.

Energy that doesn’t actually belong to us

When we lose touch with our inner wisdom

We lose touch with our truth

We lose touch with that intuitive voice that tells us how to live our life.

How do you unleash the Goddess?

1. Unleash The Goddess By Being Shame Free

Social Researcher & Author Brene Brown defines shame as “The intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.”

Belonging and fitting in are not the same thing and when we feel like we must conform to fit in

We hide the dark parts of ourselves

The dark park parts that we deny

The dark parts that need compassion

We are dark and light

The dark parts of us shouldn’t be something we are ashamed of

By coming from and place of love we must recognise guilt as ‘you made a bad choice’ vs fear which is Shame ‘you are bad’ can we really choose to live from a shame-free place

And by living in that shame-free place we start to live that limitless life that the Universe/God/Source wants for us

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2. Unleash Your Goddess By Healing Your Womb

There are Goddess archetypes that are here to support you in your spiritual journey. And that includes healing the powerful centre of energy in women that carries with it so much wisdom, grace and secrecy. The womb is like a protected secret that we carry deep within us each day, hidden from oblivious eyes.

Goddess Kwan YinA Goddess archetype I call on often is Goddess Kuan Yin who is a Buddhist deity who embodies compassion. Her name translates to “perceiving the sounds (or cries) of the world. She is a goddess of mercy, dedicated to relieving the suffering in the world.

When we cultivate the practice of womb healing we process traumas.

We nourish with herbs.

We crack open the blocks that are preventing our inner Goddess from flowering, blooming and living from her womb.

3. Unleash Your Goddess By Reclaiming Your Crown

The moment you realise you are the creator and not the waiter

The moment you realise that you create your new reality

The moment you step into who you are unapologetically

That is the moment you reclaim your crown

Without faking it to you make it

Without feeling like an imposter

Because when you take back your kingdom

And claim your crown

4. Unleash Your Goddess By Receiving Abundance

There are so many deities, ancestors, angels, spirit guides, archangels all here to support

you on your divine journey, you were born wealthy in all areas of your life, in order to receive abundance, you must be open to well…receiving.

When our energy points like the Solar plexus are balanced and healed we can then allow more flow and ease into our lives and can go to work on the affirmations, because before steps 1-3 happen we can often feel undeservedly.  This receiving process is taking on a new level of awareness that comes from choosing love!


Now you know the 4 steps >> Claim your Goddess Masterclass spot now and activate your potent power

Ruth-Ellen Danquah


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