I am worthy

Shame snuck in to say hello when it was time to let my boyfriend see where I live…

There was a deep rooted shame in my circumstances

The shame of not yet having that pent house

The shame of not having the house I envision, yet

Those shame fuelled thoughts the turned into…

I’m too messy to be loved

I should have my s**** together by now

I turned to my healing practice and released it

I forgave myself


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I forgave myself for being homeless and having to start from scratch

Because if I could of done better I would have done better

I forgave myself for not being where I want to be

And I accepted and appreciated where I was and just far I had come

I forgave myself for putting my kids mental health above everything

And accepted that love and above is at the core of my value system

When we shed light on the dark icky parts of ourselves, when we accept that everything we have or don’t have is not everything we are

That’s when we can truly live in alignment and allow ourselves and others to just be

And guess what the moment I accepted it, I realised how much it didn’t matter if my partner did

But he didn’t

All the fears were false evidence appearing real, AGAIN!

All of you is worthy!


Ultimate magical morning routine




In order for you to know who you’re and your worth daily, you need to reclaim your energy and that starts with releasing anything that doesn’t serve you.  If you’re ready to reclaim then I would highly recommend my Ultimate Magical Morning Routine  7 Day Course. This will help to reclaim your energy, so you can rebalance your life by using spiritual rituals.



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