Being A Contributor


Well f*** you anyway
I don’t want your business
Do you know where you can stick it?
You can suck your m**

Is definitely what my reaction would have been back in the day

Because I would have been going off an emotional standpoint

My ego would have been burnt

But instead I said thanks & I wish you well.

Oh how I’ve shifted lol

Does that mean I am like Teflon and nothing sticks on me

Heck no

I am a human being with feelings

These feelings turn into stories

These stories are ones we add meaning to based on our experiences (it’s how the human brain works)

These stories are from people that tell us about ourselves that we take as gospel sometimes

These stories can take a hold of us and can disempower us instead of empowering us

When you spend ages creating for someone to say, hey bud, what you’ve done, just isn’t good enough

We must be aware of what is happening





And see if there is anything in the big pile of poo you’ve been served has some truth

But remember and this is key

****You don’t have to eat everything on your plate ****

Those judgments you receive or make about yourself based on sight, without reason or heart need to be investigated.

There are many reasons as to why the comment about my website would have ordinarily made me crawl into a hole

Writing – My writing is a sensitive subject due to my double D’s, it is not something Grammarly picks up. I could tell you, my dyslexia and dyspraxia mean I don’t always get sentences right. Which has stopped me from putting things out there due to grammar nazis

Skillset – I could also tell you that I have generated £120 million in new business sales working in B2B, plus coached and trained top executives.

I could go on and tell you about being an overcomer, single mum, my pet fish Tom & Jerry who died

My point is…

My job and your job isn’t to change the mind of people that have already made up their minds

You’re not a convincer

You’re not a negotiator

You’re not a poo poo head (even though my nephew loves to call me that 😱)

You’re an expert who knows there stuff

And the more time you spend trying to convince, negotiate, and be what someone else says you are, the less time you spend being that expert

The more time you spend trying to please people, the less fun you will have in your life & business

The more time you wear the clothes that someone picked out for you, the less flattering you will look, because…

That layer of poo is not yours, it’s is all there’s baby!

And that’s exactly one of the reasons I made it my mission to learn more about energy healing & psychology. Because people can be sooo entertaining that you sometimes waste hours watching their show instead of yours!

I knuckled down this year (and had to say no to many things) and certified in…

EFT & TFT – Because stories from a past wound can bleed out and die, if not taken care off. But EFT helps turn wounds into scars (you can still see them), but they don’t affect you as much.

Mindfulness because it’s not about saying you’re mindful, but it’s about being mindful and that includes what you see, how you reason and speak from the heart.

NLP & Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki w/Crystals – I needed to find some tools to get the poo smell off me and many others that have it on them, it’s the season for healing.

Sales Enablement – Empowering people to be able to make sales using systems, processes and methodology that aligns with them means that they get to their income goals faster.

I studied these things and will study more because I believe I am a contributor not just a consumer. I am a vessel of light, with a mission to leave people better off than when I first met them.

Telling people doesn’t work, empowering people using some of these tools, combined with my intuition does.

My mission to…Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary means that:

I can’t be the darkness, it just fit in with being love

I can’t be quiet about these things, that isn’t being brave

I can’t let others go through the same thing, that is not legendary

So what can’t you do? What is your mission? And are you congruent?

It’s time to transcend the bull****, are you ready?

Ruth-Ellen xx

Remember Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary


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