1. Love Yourself – make a list of everything you love about yourself, I am perfect the way I am, I have been put on this earth to be exceptional, add the list to the gratitude journal

love yourself
2. Live in the moment and enjoy the journey, celebrate being alive
3. Create a mastermind group of 4-6 people who make you accountable and encourage you
4. Find a mentor and qualified life coach…think about what the characteristics of a person you look up to?
5. Grow – never stop learning, read, attend workshops, inspirational movies
6. Embrace your fear – the saboteur stops you from living your greatest life
7. Walk your own path – the only opinion that matters is my own
8. Create an action plan – choose a goal then work backwards on what you want to achieve, celebrate all your successes
9. Take action steps every day – daily, weekly, monthly – be flexible
10. Never give up, never, ever, ever give up

11. Be a leader and inspire others to live their greatest life
12. Take the leap, what are you waiting for – live your greatest life now. Create global transformation

13. Remember – Believe in yourself, if others have achieved it so can you, doubt brings negative energy and to get rid of this

Allow it – frequently ask for what you want and add it to your attraction board…it is a snapshot of your future

14. Become aware – So you take the opportunities
15. Dream big
16. Enjoy the journey
17. Make a difference to EVERYONE you meet …leave each person you meet a little better then when you first met them

Aim for harmony by:

18. Enjoying the moment
19. Lose interest in judging self, others and stop worry
20. Participate in frequent acts of smiling. This will help you see an increase in letting things happen

Stay Confident

Love & Light


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