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How does The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™  process work?

From the moment we start working together as partners in your success, we’ll help you complete each of our signature steps required for achieving your neuro-inclusion goals:

The Assess Phase

First, we’ll utilize our The Clarity Scaffolder system that helps our clients get clarity on their business requirement clearly articulated.

Then The Performance Elevator process will ensure you get clarity on the cultural outcome they desire. The third step shows clients how to get hard data about their current specific culture  using our Reality Analysis framework.

The Assimilate Phase

The Identity Gap & Factors step will help us  define and determine the factors so that they can eliminate the gap between desired and actual that works like gang busters!

The core mechanism for ensuring our clients can quickly turn intervention ideas into viable solutions is our Interventions Identification system.

The last step in Assimilate is to customize our Interventions Matrix framework that clients go from information to implementation interventions that align to the business need each day like clockwork!

The Advance Phase

Once we have your Assess and Assimilate in place we’ll kick off the Advance stage by building your Impactful Neurodivergent Initiatives system that helps our clients create a flood of strategic interventions fast!     Next up: Put in place our Implementation Nation  process – our unique model for helping our members instil motivation for high adoption.

The final step of our The Neuro-Inclusion Roadmap™ Consulting is to ensure all of our clients are able to double their ROI using the Neuro-Inclusion Mastery™ system.

This nine-step system is constantly being refined, tested, and proven to help dedicated people like you rapidly increase their neuro-inclusion ROI without the overwhelm or little to no impact on their culture as a whole.

If you have any other questions about The Neuro-Inclusion Roadmap, feel free to respond to  this email or book a diversity consult

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