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    FREE Phone Wallpapers Quotes [October 2020 Edition]


    So here you will find FREE phone wallpapers for October, feel free to download and use for your personal use.

    I am uploading new wallpapers every day on my Pinterest and updating this page, so make sure you’re following to be the first to see them.

    I’m happy for you to share them on other social media channels – but please credit/tag me. 

    Also please do not add your own links to them on Pinterest.

    Enjoy, and right click to save to your computer. Then airdrop to your phone. 

    Or just click on image, save

    Locate image in photo albulm , click share icon then use as wallpaper

    1. Reminder: the Universe is not in love with the future me, but who I am NOW

    5. It’s ok for me to heal that’s how I grow

    healing phone wallpaper quote

    6. I witness my triggers and I love on them so I can experience more peace

    7. The only time I am comparing is when I am reflecting on how far I’ve come

    8. I don’t wait for permission slips, I create my own daily

    9. My daily tarot readings empower me to create more impact

    10. My shadow is not my enemy, my shadow is my teacher

    11. Hypnosis helps me to manifest with eaase

    12. I am a vibrational match to receive 6 figures with ease

    13. I am a powerful manifestor and manifest for the greater of all

    14. I am unapologetically visible and receive sales daily

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