And here are a few more things that have got you distracted from actually making money in your business

    1. Not being clear about what you actually want. I am talking about clarity in your mind, body and spirit. If your mind says you want to make £££ and your body then does the complete opposite (you may call it self sabotage) then you are not clear! AKA WITHOUT CLARITY YOU BREED MEDIOCRACY!😡

    2. Not being confident enough to go for what you want. I am talking about letting go of the outcome and still moving forward, because let’s face it there are obstacles in business and once you learn to fall 7 times and get up 8 you are winning! AKA WITHOUT CONFIDENCE YOU LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN FOR DOUBT😡

    3. Not actually believing that you deserve the money you want to charge. I am not talking about self-worth, your worth isn’t tied to your price, never charge your worth because you are priceless and are not for sale! I am talking about not hiding your prices, not apologising for your price and not discounting anything. AKA WITHOUT CASH THERE IS NO BUSINESS JUST AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY😡

    🙈If you are done with posting inspirational quotes that don’t get your dreamy clients knocking at your doors but instead nightmare Annas who don’t know the difference between inspiration and participation.

    If you are done with setting income goals that have kept on rolling over from month to month without you being able to grasp them.

    And you want to move away from feeling guilty for not spending time with family because you are “working” (just to be clear inspirational quotes isn’t working) then just use the number 90 in the comments⬇ or visit bit.ly/SalesRoadmap

    and I’d be happy to show you how to go from just about surviving to thrive in 90 days or less

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