Do you have a premium coaching package (£2k+) that you are selling?

What is it called?
How does it transform your ideal client?
Here is Why You Should & How To Be Unapologetic About It!

Everyone wants to create passive income, but with this world of connection, we are even more disconnected.

So based on this need for connection, we crave a high-touch approach.

It is with that high-touch hand holding, where you will help your client really transform a piece of their life, that pain point that is holding them back.

Where you make your impact!

Why you should have a premium coaching package

A premium coaching package allows you to deliver that transformation to your client without leaving you broke, burnt out or resentful for not charging the right amount.

There is a myth that you have to have complicated funnels to acquire sales.  The amount of effort it takes to promote a low-end offer is the same effort for the high-end.

How do you position your premium package?


How do you create your premium package?

This is where social listening comes in

  • Do your research – Listen, acknowledge and empathise. Don’t solve your ideal client’s problems while listening—follow the 20/80 rule. Instead, gather information up. From the information gathering, do the following:
  •  Create a benefit-driven headline that entices people to know more and solves their problems
  • Create an offer that they want & what they need. I am from the school of thoughts that says you shouldn’t sell what you think that they need, but what they are willing to pay for (sprinkled in with what they need).
  • Survey your target audience

Get your premium package created now to make that impact on your ideal client’s lives.

Not quite sure how to do that???

These are some of the steps in my core program that are looked at in more in-depth in my 6-week 1:1 coaching program

My Premium Offer™ 

If you would love to discover more about MPO, I’d love to invite you to a FREE session with me, called Red Hot Sales.

In this FREE Red Hot Sales session you will:

  • You will receive a customised next step plan
  • Uncover what is really stopping you from your best month yet
  • You will go out completely reenergized & inspired to move forward with clarity

If you want to be a confident entrepreneur on a consistent, then, let’s really talk. Book your Red Hot Sales strategy session

You deserve a life where you know your worth and are unapologetic about it!


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