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    Hypnosis: Decision Making This Next Steps hypnosis (mp3) will reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can concentrate on taking aligned action in your life, by reprogramming your inner thoughts so that they support you rather than sabotage you, so you can take the next steps for you. When you set clear intentions you are able to achieve what you desire with ease, but only when your beliefs support your goals. As a result, your vibrational set point for your desires and your behaviour are aligned. Often the fear of taking the next step is strongest when we have goal trauma (previous goals not achieved). It manifests as “I am not good enough” or “I will look foolish when I fail”, and constitute what can be called an “inner critic”. Most of the time, we are unaware of the influence of this inner critic.

    How do tell if fears about our next steps are from a place of fear of failure or a fear of success: Fear of failure and success research suggests that the fear of failure is about our standards and makes us feel anxious and worthless and we have trouble concentrating. However, fear of success is about how others will view us, and more likely to make us wake up early in the morning, reduce our appetite, and give us a feeling that it is difficult to go on. These need different suggestions, so if you find you are experiencing a fear of success, the hypnosis can be found here if this sounds more like you

    The POWERFUL full hypnosis is 26 minutes and 04 seconds and is recommended to listen to in the morning or the last thing at night for at least 1 month to gain maximum benefits. I tried to keep this hypnosis simple and short to be used daily with ease, but yet powerful enough to help you to tame your inner critic and change it your inner cheerleader.

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