The Diverse Creative CIC  delivered a programme called The Homecoming Project. Its aim was to support black disabled employees and unemployed individuals so that they had the equity to achieve their full ability in their careers.

Challenge & Solution

The challenge many have with workplace needs assessments is that people are reluctant to talk about ROI. To make matters worse, the government disability grant scheme Access to Work doesn’t even monitor the impact of it’s providers. This has resulted in those that have gone through access to work not seeing the benefit of assistive technology.

I knew the only process that would be impactful would be a session that would engage, empower and encourage delegates to change the conversation about assistive technology.

Our Process

I created an online environment where people felt safe to share the skills they needed and how those skills will get them to the next role without fear of shame. And so that training wouldn’t leave them with just nice thoughts, I created a performance aid using my B.I.G move framework so that they had an action plan to help them turn information into a transformational learning experience.


The response was, “this was the most engaging training that I have been to”. Delegates were able to understand how technology can support them without feeling like they “should” choose tech because everyone said that they should. At the end of the session, delegates had an understanding of where they needed for their next career move and had clear steps to get there.