A culture where people feel that they belong, learn, grow, contribute and make a difference is a culture where psychological safety is cultivated, where neurodiverse disclosure is normal. When this culture is not embedded in every cravat of the organisation you will experience absenteeism and high turnover. Psychological safety at work is a must for those who are neurodiverse to disclose, it’s essential for everyone. A lack of psychological safety at work has major business repercussions, including losing an opportunity to leverage the strengths of all its talent.

Challenge & Solution

The PR industry it is fast paced and it requires individuals to be at the top of their game, which includes being able to bring their wholeselves to work. Those who are neurodivergent that fear disclosing will feel more stressed, they will mask which will result in mistakes being made.

Neurodiverse individuals who mask that work in environments with a lack of awareness about neurodiversity (from peers/managers) often results in workplace conflict, underperformance, and misunderstandings.

Telling people to disclose won’t encourage them to disclose especially if they don’t feel safe to do so. We introduced an educational piece on unlabelling combined with real life scenarios into the mix to apply what was learnt.

My Process

There are four key areas of psychological safety, however I am a believer in small shifts, create big wins, so reduced information dumping by implementing one area. We got delegates to understand the benefits of safety from them, their colleagues and then the various neurodivergent traits that would require safety. We then gave teams space to discuss and come back and share their learnings.


  • In less than 15-minutes the team found at least 50 ways to improve processes and policies through peer to peer working without it costing a penny
  • Team members began thinking more neuro-inclusive behaviour and how best to support their colleagues even if they never disclose.
  • The head of health shared her experience with her team and network of over 2,000 people increasing neurodiverse disclosure.

We had a superb workshop with Ruth-Ellen Danquah Really practical session on creating a psychological safe space for everyone. Reminded me to always ask people about how and why they’ve approached something in the way they have, and not just focus on the output. Highly recommend it! Thank you Ruth.

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Health