Rant alert…

Confession: I got triggered, I am bitter (I am working on it, EFTing it when I finish this post 🙈). But when I read 95% of mompreneurs are who are married are supported financially by there husband, my first thought was “must be nice” 😡

I then said, these women do not get to complain about “struggle”.

This is my truth and for too long, I have not said what I think.

But the fact of the matter is your truth evolves when you get other people’s perspectives

Your truth of the matter is this is how I feel on August 3rd at 6 something in the morning and like water, truth is fluid.

So let me break it down…

These moms have a different experience of being a mom, finances and support, acceptance of who you are, must be nice, I haven’t had that experience.

While we are covered in people’s perception of being a single mum as a negative, mums who are married are praised for a title because of “marriage”.

The reality is we are woman who are mom’s who choose to be single, not “single moms” on purpose.

So I wanted to talked to a particular group of women…

I wanted to talk to that women that is busting her arse, trying to do it all with literally no support

I wanted to talk to that woman that goes on dating apps, with great intentions only to find another dic pic sender in her whatsapp.

When she finally goes on a date, she doesn’t want to judge others, because she knows how heartbreaking it is to judge.

But she just adds another idiot to her block list.

Then she beats herself up because, she should of followed her gut, because unlike the experiences she has had in her life with men, her gut never lets’s her down.

I am calling that woman that doesn’t need a kick up the backside, she needs compassion, love, healing, a paradigm shift to realise that it is ok.

Here is the message:

It’s ok if you don’t have everything figured out

It’s ok if you don’t have your home prestime

Because your good right now is good enough

You have an important job, raising humans, it’s not a set it and forget it type thing, be proud of yourself

Detox from judgement

Detox from perfection

Detox from other people’s needs

Nourish yourself with love, that it will work out, you are a prize and the right opportunities are coming your way, whether that is a man/woman, job or income is irrelevant, expect the best regardless!

Nourish yourself with faith that there is a plan, a plan you may not be aware of, but a plan that is built by your highest self, with God (or whatever gives you strength) in the middle.

It’s ok

It’s ok means that you can breathe

Breathe in peace, love

Breathe out bull****

Keep going, you’ve got this.

Expect the best and it will come to you, faith goes a long way. While you wait love the life of singleness (not loneliness). I am enjoying being single, when people say do you get bored I say nope, no such thing as getting bored, just boring people.😁


Remember Be Love, Be Brave, Be Legendary

P.S. I remembered what being married with kids was like and it was no picnic, mums that are married I feel you 💪

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